Has anyone else noticed that the majority of (if not nearly all) persons who complain about being "politically correct" are white heterosexual men?

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No.  Not at all...

What am I missing here?  What does anyone complaining about political correctness, white, hetero, or otherwise, have to do with iron sharpening iron?  And to answer your question; I hear people from other groups complain about it too.  But I'd say political correctness is largely designed to target all white people and shut them up, especially conservatives, whether they're heterosexual or not.

I don't know it it's "designed to target them" as much as it is that they are the dominant group in power, and it's meant to address a power imbalance (social and political). Being PC means that a given group does not use its relative power to insult/repress/minimize another group in the language they use to define a situation. To remove biased language wherever possible - not to shut people up.

Unless you just like using biased, insulting, minimizing language all the time - then yes, to shut you up, until you can speak to others like an adult who cares about other people. 

There is a huge difference between political correctness and speaking to others in a kind and sensitive manner.  PC is about far more than just eliminating racial slurs. 

Then you need to explain what you think PC means, because I don't understand it outside of the context of language as I explained it.

From my experience 99% of the time someone complains about being PC, it's because they think someone is being "too sensitive" about a word they used. E.g. They want to call someone something polite society has decided it's not ok to say anymore. 

If you have a different experience of it, I would love to understand your perspective better.

To borrow a term used by Tom Wolfe many years ago, PC is mostly used to avoid being the "flak catcher who gets Mau Mau'd."  

Originally the PC concept was introduced to stop using patently offensive terms when referring to individuals of certain ethnic or racial groups.

There is a grain of truth about the described "targeting."  Courtesy of the last presidential election campaign, being called a white, straight male, particularly an older white male blue collar worker has become the latest perjorative term for a particular demographic group.  

This is a bit interesting since the white, straight, working class male demographic includes groups formerly known as Limeys, Micks, Bog trotters, Frogs, Dagoes, Squareheads, Krauts, Bohunks, Spicks, and Polacks.

What I've found to be the silliest thing about PC is when somebody (usually a heterosexual Caucasian of either sex) feels compelled to "correct" me for saying 'Oriental' instead of 'Asian,' or, as I just typed, 'either sex' instead of 'whatever gender identity.'  

One example I sometimes give of how "bad" (for lack of a word) stereotypes are is this: We once lived in a nice neighborhood, but the problem was that it was a very dangerous place for children.  Why?  It was full of white men.  [The majority of pedophiles are white men, so white men must be seen as dangerous to be around children, the stereotype would indicate.]

In an upcoming class I'm going to deal specifically with this type of statistics abuse.

The majority of pedophiles in the US are white.  (Men, as well, but one thing at a time.)  So are the majority of police, businessmen, teachers, book readers, good Samaritans, thieves, autistic children, moviegoers, drivers, clergy, atheists, believers, and wearers of underwear.  Because most Americans are white.  Without comparisons, the statistic means nothing.

How to Lie With Statistics

A relatively simple book written in the 50s, but a good intro to the subject

Mark Twain attributed the following to Benjamin Disraeli.  "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics."  Apparently this actually derives from two British jokes on mendacity. 

“There are three degrees of untruth,—a fib, a lie, and statistics.” 

“There are liars, and d—d liars, and experts.”

Absolutely!  We are using that one for sure.

I haven't noticed it, no, and I don't have a reason to believe it.  There are slightly more women than men.  Do women really not object to PC?  I want evidence.  Then I want to know how it matters.

The "white" and "heterosexual" is not worth mentioning.  Of course the majority of those who complain about PC are white and heterosexual.  Most Americans are white, and an overwhelming majority are heterosexual.  Most Americans who support equal rights are white.  Surely it does not follow that equal rights is a bad idea.

So why pile on the classifications?  Why leave out the conclusion?  Not for clearer thinking -- it can't be.


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