There's a WH petition to lift the ban on automatic firearms. Here's the link:

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> implying that the VC and Mujahideen were more than illiterate farmers and goat herders? LOL
"Some militia fighting against the biggest military on earth? Can you shoot down tanks and drones with a assault rifle?"

Tanks have not been used as much more than self propelled artillary since 1991 (isolated exceptions). There are numerous insurgent groups operating in the world today that drones have not eliminated. Technology is not the be all and end all of warfare.

The Taliban have been successfully fighting the biggest military on earth, tanks, and drone technology for what??.......16 years???
There hasn't been a large scale tank-on-tank battle since 1991. But tanks certainly have been enormously important to military operations, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a bit of a side note I realize.

a town tends to settle down when a tank rolls in


Tanks play an important psychological role. They have played supporting roles in Iraq. The only tanks I ever saw in Afghanistan were old Soviet tanks sand bagged in place to be used for indirect fire in base defense. The terrein in Afghanistan is terrible for tanks to be anything other than artillery or targets.

The terrain in Afghanistan is generally terrible for tanks. Except for the wide open areas of western Afghanistan such as the Taliban strongholds of Kandahar and Helmand, where ISAF forces spent a lot of time fighting. They aren't deployed in large numbers--often a company at a time--but there are few infantrymen who would prefer to step across the line of departure without a tank supporting them.

There's an old guy who lives in my building who has fucked up brain damage from the Vietnam War. His behavior is frequently bizarre and erratic, and has been aggressive. 

He gets mail from the NRA.

Ever since he started getting that mail, I've strongly supported the total illegalization of firearms. 

Signed it!

Thanks man.

I don't see much practical use in petitions and polls, but they often can make good talking points. I just hope this issue is put in the spotlight. RINOs aside, all three branches of the federal government are favoring this now.

Really? If the link contains the full petition, there's a problem. The petition's main points are you can't buy a newly made one, and the old ones are too expensive.


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