There's a WH petition to lift the ban on automatic firearms. Here's the link:

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"I understand reasonable restrictions. But automatic weapons restrictions are a step toward tyranny."

You do understand that there is a long list of countrys who are further away from tyranny then the USA who dont even allow hand guns to most citizens?

Such as?

Australia?  England?

Just the first two that popped into my head..

Every country that is rated as a proper democracy. USA comes out on place 21.

It's where we draw the line on what is contained under "for the most part" that we disagree. 

Having spent about 14 years of my military career operating in small teams; I can say the only time I ever used fully automatic fire was during break-contact drills or when setting up support-by-fire positions to support ambushes/raids. That said, I have no objection to any law abiding citizen from owning a full auto weapon if they want.

As for if a full auto weapon is an effective tool against tyrany using 200lbs bombs.......I guess we can ask the Viet Cong.
Eh. Even if you're not inclined to spray-and-pray -- which probably doesn't work all that well -- you'd still need full-auto capability to do burst-fire, which strikes me as a much more effective setting than either full- or semi-auto. So, it makes some sense.

Good point about the Viet Cong. Guerrilla warfare with small-arms can be very effective, even against a better armed force.


Volume of fire is a potent variable in a firefight. For supressing fire, machine gunners are generally trained to fire in 20-round bursts - if only to delay the need to change barrels. 

Generally (hopefully) the days of large-scale infantry engagements are over. Gone are the days of companies of riflemen "holding a line". In that environment, burst-fire replaced full-auto to prevent nervous riflemen from running through all their ammo.

In this era of small-unit tactics, presence patrols, raids and ambushes, etc. volume of fire is king at close ranges.

I think Afghanistan is kinda different - crazy long range engagements. But I dunno - never been there.

What do you guys think how that scenario would play out?

Some militia fighting against the biggest military on earth? Can you shoot down tanks and drones with a assault rifle?

Burst fire definitely has a place in a fire fight.

Thanks. I spent most of my career in an unconventional warfare environment. The VC are only one of several instances of insurgents fighting and winning against larger, better armed forces.

>Implying the potbellied miltia dweebs carrying "Don't tread on me" flags across the Midwest are on the same level as the Viet Cong or IRA.



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