There's a WH petition to lift the ban on automatic firearms. Here's the link:

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No, I'm careful not to do anything illegal. I did word that poorly. I just only buy guns from friends and family is what I'm getting at. I have never in my life made a straw purchase.

PH - the definition of a straw purchase, particularly for firearms, is Person A buying a firearm for Person B so that there is no paper trail connecting Person B to that firearm.

And I can honestly say I've never done it. I won't tell you what guns I have or don't have, but I have only received gifts at this point (hey, it's America. And the South). I simply had an agreement with someone that in the future if I wanted a gun, we would do what I now have learned qualifies as a straw purchase. Now that I know it's illegal, I'll be sure to stay far away from it. I was speaking of policy yet to be tested, not what I have done.

PH - you described buying a gun from a friend who bought it for you, for the express purpose of keeping your name off the paperwork. Then it appears you deleted your comment describing that. You were part of a straw purchase.

No, I didn't. Who do you think you are? I stated policy, that I had not yet tested and that I didn't even know was illegal (I was under the impression that it was only illegal when aiding a felon. Apparently there was a big Supreme Court case on this). I didn't state that I have done it, and you are not qualified to tell me what I have or haven't done. Nor have I done it. I said that I had established an agreement with someone. An agreement I no longer intend to follow.

PH - it's interesting that you needed to delete a post over something that you now claim you didn't even do. 

You apparently wrote "I buy guns from friends I trust." That's not a hypothetical statement. It appears you deleted that post, which is a bit suspicious especially since you're now claiming you didn't say anything like that at all.

I have already admitted that it was poorly worded. I feared that without context it would look screwy.

Edit: Nice retroactive edit. I didn't delete that statement. It's still there: "I just only buy guns from friends and family is what I'm getting at." That's not straw purchasing, and I still intend on keeping that principle-- once again it is speaking to policy, not experiences. It's not illegal. In fact, I think it's prudent when you still keep a paper trail with it. Still want to continue the witch hunt or are we good?

The post actually detailed a scenario in which someone was told which gun to go purchase, and then that gun was in turn purchased from them to keep the person's name off the paperwork; but since that post has now gone missing, it doesn't really matter at this point.

Isn't that technically still straw purchasing, Clinton?

As I understand it from this thread...Yes...

Let me clarify:

Pretty much everyone could be diagnosed with *something*. I am speaking of people who have been institutionalized for mental illness. Both they and felons should not be allowed to own a gun without being evaluated and cleared after a certain length of time.

So someone who's been institutionalized for anorexia or Tourette's?


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