There's a WH petition to lift the ban on automatic firearms. Here's the link:

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You can buy a full auto weapon now...You just have to file for a special permit.

Sure, and the petition acknowledges that. Still unlawful IMO.

As someone who owns 7 firearms...I disagree...

The courts have repeatedly found that "reasonable" restrictions, and registration do not constitute infringement. 

The devil is in the details, of course, but this has an uphill battle to fight.

You're right, but I'm not going to be one of those people who sit out because of cynicism.
"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'
--Wayne Gretzky"
--Michael Scott

I'm all for self-defense, and keeping the public from being helpless... but I don't think making machine guns more common is necessary, safe, or wise.  Outside a war zone, I can't see anybody carrying one in self-defense.  It seems to me it only gives advantage to someone who wants to kill a lot of people quickly.

When the Second Amendment was ratified, it guaranteed the right of the common man to keep what was his weapon of war (and don't even bring up nukes and RPGs, or else I'll bring up galleons and the like). The weapon of war today is not the same as the weapon of war in 1791. It has evolved.

The Second Amendment isn't there so a man can kill his food. It's there to protect the First. How can you defend yourself against tyranny with a Mossberg 500 if the entry guys who just broke down your door have MP5s? Would our fathers have been able to earn independence if they had fought the British with only matchlock guns?

Our founding fathers were also against the idea of a standing army, and whole host of other things which affected why they thought individuals should be able to own a weapon of war. Local, organized and well trained militia, in place of an army, for one. We have effectively done away with that entirely. 

Yes, the weapons of war have evolved, but so has the structure and nature of the country. I don't think offering the same reasons to an end which no longer exists, justify the same response.

What end that no longer exists are you referring to?

Your founding fathers earned their independence the old fashioned way. They got the French to help them :)

lol That's ok, we bailed them out on a certain beach.

I'm in favor of liberalizing automatic weapons laws. Law abiding people should have the freedom to own what they want, for the most part, without overburdensome government oversight. But, the laws probably aren't unconstitutional. The first amendment allows for some limitation, so the likelihood is that the second does also ... although the question hasn't been litigated to my knowledge.

The more likely possibility in the near term is lifting stupid federal restrictions on sound suppressors.



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