Captain comb-over's ignorant statements about illegal immigrants were followed by a surge in his popularity amongst republicans, according to CNN polls.

     He tried to defend his characterization of Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers by citing some statistic that indicated 80% of central american migrants were raped as they passed through Mexico on their way to enter the US illegally.


     That sounds like it might be true - I know that rape is such a threat that central american women often pay for birth control shots before they cross into Mexico in anticipation of the threat... but where he proves his complete ignorance is in his using this fact to validate his assertion that the refugees are rapists - they're rape victims, not rapists. And it's very telling that they're willing to take that risk. What does that say about the conditions they are fleeing?


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The platform isn't what is important.

Well, Twitter has quite a bit of a public audience, so if the issue is that his behavior on Twitter having such an audience sets a bad image of America's President, those concerned having him removed from Twitter would definitely lessen his audience.

Instead of increasing his audience unnecessarily by 'gossiping' idly about it. The fact that Trump admitted on the air that this was essentially his campaign strategy, and that there are people who still voluntarily give attention to a guy who admitted to be using the attention to his leverage is very... odd.

Trump is a loose cannon on Twitter -- which is an odd mix of embarrassing and brilliant -- but I can't think of anything he's said would get anyone else banned.  Or even close to it.  Twitter is pretty much a cesspool.  Trump has been tame in comparison.  Twitter'd have to invent a special rule -- which, these days, seems to be a completely viable solution.  Write a special rule against Trump, then ban him.  I'm sure that's exactly the kind of attention Twitter wants.

Sounds like the 9th Circuit 'Travel Ban' ruling ... wherein Trump's authority was overruled essentially because he was Trump.  Any other President could've signed the same ban, and it would've been legal in the 9th.  Good way to get your ass overturned by the Supreme Court.  9-0.


They took out Martin Shkreli and Milo. If Trump weren't so high profile they'd love nothing more than to get him banned.

Figured they would. Kate's by a big margin, the Sanctuary by about 40 or so. tons of abstentions, which I hate.

Sanctuary is gonna die because of the clauses defunding law enforcement.... 

at least I think

Do you find his tweets Presidential? As in the same class as Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington or even St Reagan?

Or do you just like it them in the same sense that you like anyone that "keeps it real" or "doesn't take shit"?

It brings joy to my day. The reactions to the tweets are as funny as the tweets themselves.

I am but a simple salt miner.


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