Captain comb-over's ignorant statements about illegal immigrants were followed by a surge in his popularity amongst republicans, according to CNN polls.

     He tried to defend his characterization of Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers by citing some statistic that indicated 80% of central american migrants were raped as they passed through Mexico on their way to enter the US illegally.


     That sounds like it might be true - I know that rape is such a threat that central american women often pay for birth control shots before they cross into Mexico in anticipation of the threat... but where he proves his complete ignorance is in his using this fact to validate his assertion that the refugees are rapists - they're rape victims, not rapists. And it's very telling that they're willing to take that risk. What does that say about the conditions they are fleeing?


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Oh yeah? What's he saying?

All the things that you would gleefully defend. 

Or, in perfect Shane speak, try reading his actual words for yourself, they are out there.

I'm sure they are and I'm sure I would. But, I don't follow him.

Step 1: Create an environment where there is little cooperation between teams and aides compete viciously for dominance, resulting in leaks aimed either at exposing incompetence and chaos, or getting a leg up on other aides.

Step 2: Condemn leaks and media outlets that use them in order to distract from chaos and incompetence. 

Step 3: Retweet media report that relies on anonymous official leaking information.

It is pretty funny how they will quote news sources all the time that use "unnamed" "anonymous" sources, and then in the next sentence berate the interviewer for quoting a story using an "unnamed" "anonymous" source...It's pretty much a weekly occurrence with this administration...Which is why now I spend quite a bit of time on the Trump Network's "Real News"  Channel...

Which doesn't seem anything like propaganda...nope...not at all...

Let's nuke everyone!

Trump thanking Russia for kicking out US diplomats

Trump verbally attacks a lot of people, many of them Americans: women, war veterans, families of war dead, the physically disabled, Muslims, Mexicans, Mexico, China, North Korea, Democrats, Republicans, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and more. 

He's never said a bad word about Vladimir Putin.

Trump's thirteenth like on Twitter: an accusation that he committed sex trafficking and rape.


Donald Trump retweets that he's a fascist:


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