Captain comb-over's ignorant statements about illegal immigrants were followed by a surge in his popularity amongst republicans, according to CNN polls.

     He tried to defend his characterization of Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers by citing some statistic that indicated 80% of central american migrants were raped as they passed through Mexico on their way to enter the US illegally.


     That sounds like it might be true - I know that rape is such a threat that central american women often pay for birth control shots before they cross into Mexico in anticipation of the threat... but where he proves his complete ignorance is in his using this fact to validate his assertion that the refugees are rapists - they're rape victims, not rapists. And it's very telling that they're willing to take that risk. What does that say about the conditions they are fleeing?


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I don't know anything of your background, but I'll address your implication of ignorance.

I have lived and worked in both fairly liberal and fairly conservative areas.  Those have been both major metropolitan and suburban.  I am in the first generation of my family that is not exclusively blue collar or agrarian. I base my observations on what I have seen with my own eyes.  

The media coverage of events is highly colored by the editorial position of the media outlet.  The one thing every news outlet has in common is a need to present the most dramatic interpretation of an event.  And "if it bleeds, it leads."

At one point the area I live in had two major daily metro/regional newspapers. One paper was firmly Progressive Democratic.  The other paper was solidly Conservative Republican.  You'd read each paper's story about the same event, and it was as if the papers were in alternative universes.

Right now, the major local social justice movements are represented by a few spokespersons and organizers who rely on shouting and "shut it down" as a first step to present their message.  I completely understand passion of the moment.  But when the exposure of your social justice concerns has taken on the air of marches, spiced by a little vandalism, and nearly always timed for after supper (Very few local protests seem to happen during weekday work/school hours.), the message begins to diminish.  

The Elites are stuck in their own bubble.  The press lets on a bit about the oligarchs, but doesn't mention the second and third tiers of Elites...dependent upon unearned income and insulated from the messy real world by deferential retainers and lackeys.  The Elites are same folks who were virtually the only contacts by "Establishment" candidates on both sides.  

Spoken like a true SJW, Dom.  The "disadvantaged" that I respect are those of all races who come here legally and work hard to get ahead, recognizing the golden ADVANTAGES that living in our country gives to them they can't get in their own countries. Many fled for their very lives from their own countries and got on their knees and cried that they made it to the USA, the land of promise which has delivered its bounty to countless millions over the centuries of its existence. They don't whine and cry for continuous handouts like the "disadvantaged" who were born and lived their whole lives here.  They get to work and build something.  

There is a man from Ghana who was blacker than 90% of black Americans marching in the streets complaining about racial inequalities, who worked for me as a part-time security guard and who held three minimum wage jobs until he and his wife saved enough money to open their own little cafe a few years back.  His dream is that his children won't have to suffer as he did and will go to college.

Him I respect, not the whining, crying, blaming others, violent, social welfare hogging, "disadvantaged" persons that make up the bulk of BLM and that you feel guilty about because you are white and nonsensically feeling privileged for it. 

Cool. He did his job. When Trump does minimally good things, he gets overwhelming accolades because his baseline is so... well, base. 

Trump should still stop trying to ban refugees from our country.

If you can look past the narrative for a moment, it should be obvious: if you hate all Muslims and want them banned from the country, you don't negotiate a release so you can bring one back. Because bringing Muslims in is the _opposite_ of keeping them out.

This doesn't show Trump doesn't totally suck; it just shows he doesn't hate all Muslims and want them banned from the country.  He'll have to totally suck without hating all Muslims and wanting them banned from the country.  That narrative has failed.

Here are the overwhelming accolades I was able to find, looking at front pages above the fold:

PJMedia doesn't have an above-the-fold per se, but "Egypt" doesn't show up on its page 1.

Breitbart doesn't either.  It does have "Egypt" on page 1:  MORBIDLY OBESE EGYPTIAN WOMAN SHEDS HALF HER WEIGHT

So maybe it's MSM that's giving the overwhelming accolades.

Above-the-fold references to it on

CNN: 0
NYT: 0
ABC: 0

NYT, WSJ, and Fox have stories lower down on page 1.  

Looks like the "overwhelming accolades" narrative failed too.  We can keep it if we need it.

If you look past the narrative you're creating, one instance of helping someone who probably is Muslim does not undo months of rhetoric of stoking hatred against Muslims, both American and foreign.

Trump is the man who makes patently and easily-disproved statements like Muslims were celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11. Trump is the man that used Islam as a way to disqualify the sacrifice of an American family whose son died in combat. Trump! The same man who couldn't weather a heel spur to kill a commie for mommy and thinks that a couple years at a third rate (and now nearly defunct) military academy makes him more qualified than military professionals with decades of experience, whom he'll blame anyway for any mistakes if something goes wrong.

American Muslims have faced high levels of discrimination since his nomination and election. Ask Muslims how they feel about the administration and let us see if this one act of minor competence makes a difference. After all, he merely got an American citizen released from a regime towards which he is friendly. It's not exactly the most advanced piece of diplomacy ever executed.

I don't see what the story has to do with the "Muslim ban".

She's a US Citizen, right?

His Creepy, Ignorant, Jerky ban has always excluded citizens even when he was campaigning.

Is she a muslim?

OK gentlemen, let's discuss President Trump's record vis-a-vis his much bally hooed "Contract with the American Voter."

During the campaign Trump put EVERYTHING below in writing.  On October 22, 2016, he published the contract.

So far, he's not going to make his contracted completion date.  He's also accomplished nothing in the contract that requires working with Congress.

"Draining the Swamp."  Very first item hasn't been done, or apparently even started.

The last item hasn't been done.  The other four have been done by Executive Order, and the biggest one affecting the American Voter is the Federal Hiring Freeze.

"Protect The American Worker."  We're still in NAFTA.  We're out of the unratified PTT (but the Chinese are all-in on their version). Energy Reserves Exploitation is stuck in a 1917-era coal economy mode.  China is not a currency manipulator.  Commerce hasn't been directed to identify "trade abuses." USG work involving Climate Change cancelled, but the money budgeted for the cancelled programs hasn't gone to infrastructure work.  Petroleum pipeline completion in the Plains States has been facilitated and fast tracked.

"Restore Security"  Apparently there weren't all that many "unconstitutional" Executive Orders signed by President Obama.  Begin replacing Justice Scalia; Actually Done and Completed. Cancel federal funding to sanctuary cities; Not Done, requires Congress act. "Remove criminal aliens" is looking more like we're nabbing the ones with appointments in court or at ICE offices...taking the shackles off ICE seems to mean "concentrate on the low risk, low hanging fruit, build up the deportation stats.  (BTW, there's already a couple of reports that ICE has "lost" a detainee and doesn't have any paperwork on an alleged deportation.)  His fifth contracted security point has been stayed by the large part because too many people blabbed about what the plan really was, and that constitutional bit about ex post facto law.

"Tax Reform"  He had a plan...cited by some AoMers... during the campaign.  Now he's in office, Where's the Tax Reform/Relief Plan? 

"End Offshoring."  Not Done.

"Energy and Infrastructure plan initiated."  Where's the plan published?

"School Choice...Act"  Education voucher program...not introduced in Congress.

"Repeal and Replace Obamacare"  FAIL.  Apparently the president doesn't have a healthcare plan...but Paul Ryan does.

"Affordable Childcare & Elder Care"  not introduced in Congress.

"End illegal immigration"...moved money to start design of the wall, nothing introduced in Congress beyond the wall and more Border Patrol Agents.

"Restore Community Safety" more resources to the currently non-existing US Attorneys...not introduce in Congress.

"Restore National Security"  Proposed increase in DoD budget for FY 2018.  No actual budget submitted to Congress yet.

"Clean Up Corruption"  Relatives appointed to senior positions, Chair of Congressional Ethics Committee resigned, no toher action.

Dude. He can't do all this, tweet, play golf, watch Fox News all day, and fly back and forth to Florida...I think you expect way too much out of him....(Sarcasm)

From what I understand, he is calling this 100 days thing a completely unrealistic expectation, even though he used it through out his campaign.

From what I understand about his Tax plan many are saying it's a fabulous plan but he can't get his own congress on board with it.

On "Draining the Swamp" he's actually breaking with the group that actually ran on this concept, so there goes that whole thing...

Trump at Gettysburgh, PA in October 2016:

"On Nov. 8th, Americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our country, secure our communities and honesty to our government. This is my pledge to you. And if we follow these steps, we will once more have a government of, by and for the people. And importantly, we will make America great again. Believe me."

Oh, I forgot his promise to be "too busy to play golf" or even leave DC.

Anybody notice the cabinet looks more like those of Grant or Harding?

He's completed 16 of the 18 action items on that list. One is an ongoing process, the other he found a better deal. But sure. Nothing done.


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