Captain comb-over's ignorant statements about illegal immigrants were followed by a surge in his popularity amongst republicans, according to CNN polls.

     He tried to defend his characterization of Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers by citing some statistic that indicated 80% of central american migrants were raped as they passed through Mexico on their way to enter the US illegally.


     That sounds like it might be true - I know that rape is such a threat that central american women often pay for birth control shots before they cross into Mexico in anticipation of the threat... but where he proves his complete ignorance is in his using this fact to validate his assertion that the refugees are rapists - they're rape victims, not rapists. And it's very telling that they're willing to take that risk. What does that say about the conditions they are fleeing?


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He's completed 16 of the 18 action items on that list

Oh. Well.... if Shane says so without elaborating, it must be true. Everything Shane says is to be taken as Gospel without any citation or elaboration. 

Like his brilliant insights into the history of Swastikas and Confederate flags.

It's public record. Hell its on Wikipedia. You could do your own damn research like I did, or you could carry on complaining. Your choice.

Brilliant debate tactic.

"I disagree with you. Do your own damn research and prove yourself wrong".

So you chose 'complaining'.

Whatever, dude.

Shane is a genius, and way smarter then everyone else in the TGD combined so yeah man. It's the Gospel...

So you're following the lead in swerving into the "bitches, moans, and complaints" lane?

I'm sorry...There is not a single complaint, bitch or moan in my post what so ever...

My mistake. I assumed it was sarcasm. Carry on praising me.

way smarter then everyone else in the TGD combined

You got that right.... That's why he doesn't have to justify a damn thing he says. He's freaking Shane. We should all carefully study what he says.

I have a question.   How come everything  in the current administration that doesn't go according to plan is "somebody's" fault, but never Donald J. Trump's fault?  

I'm really getting bored with the president's continual claim that somebody else was responsible for either the idea or the execution...except when something goes right, then that's his baby.

It seems like I heard the very same thing in the previous administration nearly weekly. It's far easier to shove off blame than it is to take responsibility.


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