Don't know why it never occurred to me to wonder how often people find themselves discriminated against.  Or the reasons.  I just thought i knew.  Tables 2 and 3 have responses from 14,000+ Americans, and may be of interest. 

What other stats wd you like to see?

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What tables are you referencing. 

I have never really felt truly discriminated against - at least not in a way that I could perceive as actually causing me harm or hardship in the process. I have occasionally met with some as a result of my atheism, or my romani heritage (sometimes because of my atheism as a roma, by other roma) - but nothing that people could apply merely upon seeing me, and more came out of situational knowledge and actions - which is very different. 

Argh -- no point inviting people to read an article without actually posting the link!  And the stats in the article were what mattered!

Finally had a chance to dig through it a bit. Many results were lower than I expected from conversational experiences - but still, statistically significant differences. Notably, over 30% of black respondents said they had experienced discrimination (sometimes or often). Higher than the next highest group (native americans) by 4 percentage points - and of those, nearly 50% indicated that race was the primary source of the discrimination (with religion in second place, everything else a far distant third - as opposed to white respondents who had high prevalences of age, gender, weight, disability and other discrimination experiences - race being very far behind). 

I have also read other materials (I'll see if I can find the study I saw last year) that dealt with the perception of discrimination and how that was affected by frequency. Those who encountered it more, under-reported instances because it was "just the way it is" - so commonplace that many things other groups would report, were not considered "real" because they didn't stand out as notable. We see this with chronic pain sufferers, who despite dealing regularly with pain any of us would report, often only report NEW or WORSE pain, rather than the regular pain they deal with daily. That just becomes background radiation. 

But interesting data. Thanks for sharing.


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