This post was made in response to the notion brought up in chat that I admire fascism/am a fascist.
History is shaped by many grand factors, ranging from trade and technology to climate and geography. However, despite these sweeping factors that are the product of either nature, or the actions of a great number of people, there have been in some in history, men who meet Hegel's description of Napoleon Bonaparte - "The world spirit on a horse". Men who embraced and made the opportunities they had to seize the reigns of history. These men were often powerful agents of creative destruction, who ripped apart the moldering to replace it with vitality. There were men who did this in the military or political sense, like the aforementioned Napoleon, or Genghis Khan. Then there were men who did this in the intellectual arenas, like Leonardo Davinci and Sir Charles Darwin. Verily, it is the case that both the great man theory of history, and theories of history like geographic determinism all have nuggets of truth embedded in them.
This gets to the point at the beginning. I admire the aspect of fascism that tried to consciously make a great man who who will do what I mentioned earlier. However, fascism messed up hard, and did a lot of negative things in every incarnation of it. Therefore I'm not a fascist but have a bit of a wistful nostalgia for what it might have been.

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Sooo, Dessel Punk?

I do like dieselpunk. 

"He was a thief, and a terrorist.  On the other hand, he had a tremendous singing voice."  -- the Joker, from Batman, speaking of a mob boss

Hitler:  Sure, he had 12 million people executed and destroyed Europe, but he made the trains run on time.  Let's not forget he was a vegetarian and a role model for kids not smoking.

Everybody has a positive side (!).


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