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Transgender Persons in the Military

(First of all, I decided to post this here rather than in the Men Supporting Men group -- where insults and bullying are not allowed -- bec…

Started by David R.

16 3 hours ago
Reply by Kit the Odd

Political and Personal Advice from Rome.

His Holiness, Pope Francis, has a warning sign posted outside his office door. It begins "VIETATO LAMENTARSI" In English, "WHINERS PROHIBIT…

Started by Native Son

31 6 hours ago
Reply by Sir

AG Sessions

Trump seems to want him out, badly. Why doesn't he fire him? Among Trump's criticisms are the fact that he isn't going after Clinton. Which…

Started by Pale Horse

38 7 hours ago
Reply by Shane

Taxation-- What Did They Mean by This?

In America we usually take an eisegetical approach to the Constitution. But how would a strict constitutionalist view taxes? I have my own…

Started by Pale Horse

104 yesterday
Reply by Native Son

Latest in Health Care

So on Monday the Senate Repeal/Replace died. Then they tried for just a repeal, and it is already dead. What does the Senate try next? Who…

Started by Portnoy

39 on Monday
Reply by Clinton R. Ausmus

Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk

     Captain comb-over's ignorant statements about illegal immigrants were followed by a surge in his popularity amongst republicans, accor…

Started by John Muir

1240 on Monday
Reply by Shane

The Fourth Political Theory

AKA Eurasianism You guys know anything about it? From Wikipedia: The Fourth Political Theory (Russian: Четвертая политическая теория,…

Started by Lumberjoe

22 Jul 19
Reply by Shane

Science Fiction VS Fantasy VS Horror

Which of the three great genres do you guys prefer? What are your reasons?  Have fun. Geeking out is encouraged. For me the holy grail is s…

Started by Braeden 2.0

33 Jul 19
Reply by Portnoy


What do you guys think of Rhodesia? I think it was overall a good thing, and that bringing it down was a tremendous mistake on the part of…

Started by Braeden 2.0

4 Jul 17
Reply by David R.

Should legal adulthood be defined by merit rather than arbitrary age?

While I'm not totally versed in the details, I think there are potential social problems with letting 'adulthood' be defined by arbitrary l…

Started by Ovid

8 Jul 16
Reply by Native Son


Latest Activity

Penelope replied to Pale Horse's discussion Proverbs 18:24 in the group Christian Men
"Gratias tibi ago"
1 hour ago
Kit the Odd replied to David R.'s discussion Transgender Persons in the Military in the group The Great Debate
"One point I've seen raised a couple of places is the need for ongoing drugs and/or hormones.  Given the austere nature of the battle field that is a concern - just as it is for other conditions that require ongoing medical attention. On…"
3 hours ago
Liam Strain replied to Sir's discussion How politics destroys it
"Planned Parenthood. "
3 hours ago
Jay D replied to Sir's discussion How politics destroys it
"What is PP?"
3 hours ago
Kit the Odd replied to Sir's discussion How politics destroys it
"I think a lot of it does come down to what people consider part of their identity.  It is one reason religion can be such a sensitive topic. When you have embraced something in such a way that anything that does not support that thing is…"
3 hours ago
Liam Strain replied to David R.'s discussion Transgender Persons in the Military in the group The Great Debate
"Just to play devil's advocate - is it possible, that pervasive social stigma's which allow for bans against them (in various capacities, including this one) to pass political muster, could be a major contributor to that suicide rate? "
4 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Sir's discussion How politics destroys it
"Odd, I was talking about this today twice, two different venues and instances. Sorry man, it sucks. Sometimes it doesn't matter how polite you are. It's what happens when someone gets too wrapped up in identity politics, which isn't…"
4 hours ago
Sean O' replied to Vendetta's discussion Men & Exercise
"I have been doing Brian Alsruhe's linear progression program ( with a few changes to address my weaknesses and work around my disabilities. After the weights for the events are announced I…"
5 hours ago

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