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Atheism ascendant throughout the world? Evidence shows the opposite

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Political Compass Test

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Voter Scrutiny-- What's the Hangup?

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Nevada Ranch War ...

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Obama's Press Secretary decorates his home with Soviet Propaganda!

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Guns and violence

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I saw a recent joke post made by a blogger who theorised which Canadian City would best survive a zombie invasion.…Continue

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Comment by Steve Dallas 9 hours ago

Milo, I got everything canceled through the Market Place. The lady that I finally got forwarded to was amazing!!! I am also not remotely suprprised tons of people had no idea what they were getting. Most of us just get what our company gives us and never go shopping, nor pay real attention

Thank you for the thoughts and words, I really do appreciate it

Comment by Milo Morris 13 hours ago


I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles. I don't know if you're believer or not, but prayer can be a powerful tool.

What I wanted to say is in regards to your BCBS story. I got my insurance license last year, mostly out of desperation at not being able to find a job since Nov. 2011. For the last 7 months, I had been working in a call center handling ACA customers for Humana, which as you probably know is also available in Texas.

You are in a similar position as millions of other Americans out there. The roll-out of the ACA has been a dismal failure on many fronts, and you have, unfortunately, gotten tripped up by some of the failures on the agent front. What BCBS did/didn't do for you was also done/not done by the Federal Marketplace agents too. There has not been enough training across the board for agents to really help consumers get the kind of coverage they actually need. There is too much focus on the monthly premium, not enough educating consumers about coverage details, and damn little information about deductibles. I cannot tell you how many change orders I processed once callers--after exploring their plans in greater detail with me--understood what they had selected.

And it gets worse when you look at the provider side of the equation, but that is a story for another day.

Here's what you can do: there is an appeals process described at . I would include in the appeal strongly worded language that BCBS did not do its job properly. You might also want to write to the TX Dept. of Insurance too, and include a copy of that in your appeal.

You might also want to call the Marketplace at: 1-800-318-2596, and ask to be transferred to the CIC (Change in Circumstance) Dept. That's the group that handles plan changes. They are the ones that will submit a new/updated Form 834 to BCBS for you. Once they do that, BCBS is required by law to comply with the content of the new 834.

I hope all this works out for you.

Comment by Steve Dallas 13 hours ago

Lucius, at no time did we ever come close to expecting that the plans would be remotely similar. We knew it was a catastrophic plan that we were getting. This wasn't an ACA issue, this was a BCBS issue. ACA/Obamacare did EXACTLY as it laid out, I got screwed because BCBS couldn't follow up on what THEY advertised. My wife and I's medical needs really required a Gold/Platinum plan, we got a stopgap plan in case I got in a fight with more yard equipment or my wife pissed off the wrong person in Houston traffic. As far as to if Obamacare is what I expected, it is exactly as I expected. Some good stuff, some shitty stuff and will be DEFINITELY replaced at some point in the future, but until then, it is better than what was there.


Chuck, Rick and others - thanks for the words. I know I will go out and get whatever it takes, still doesn't change how I will feel. Working towards something to only end up back where you were before, or actually several steps back feels like a failure, even if it technically isn't.

Comment by Rick Shelton 15 hours ago

I was an MBA working as an installation tech (field service engineer they called it) for CTs, MRIs and Xray machines, did that for almost a year.  I never thought of it as failure, just a side-track, maybe a step backwards until a path opened in the forward direction.  I also worked PT at Best Buy when my wife was pregnant, again not failure just doing what needed to be done while she couldn't work.

Comment by Chuck Knight 15 hours ago

Otherwise I guess I'll go work at Best Buy Geek squad as an MBA or flip burgers as an MBA or whatever other sign of utter fucking failure that there is.

Working is not a sign of failure.  It is a sign of dignity and honor.  A willingness to do what it takes, especially when you have a family dependent on you, is a sign of maturity and I applaud you for it.
Having said that, I do hope you find something better.

Comment by Lucius Artorius Castus 15 hours ago
You misunderstood the comparison.
I knew you lost your plan with your job.

My point was that you couldn't get the same plan you had, and when you got something that said it was close becuase you found out you couldn't keep most of your doctor's anyway, the found out the plan was misrepresented, the ACA couldn't do anything about it any way.

End result? You're just as fucked as you were before the the government spent over a trillion dollars to "fix" the problem.

So I ask again... What's the point of Obamacare?
Comment by Michael B. 16 hours ago

I know an MBA that's a frozen foods manager at Albertson's :)

Comment by Steve Dallas 17 hours ago

Liam, basically we are going wihout insurance until I can find a job. Still waiting on 3 companies to hurry up and start round 2 of interviews as they have claimed I have made it. 3 weeks until graduation, really hoping that it happens soon.

Otherwise I guess I'll go work at Best Buy Geek squad as an MBA or flip burgers as an MBA or whatever other sign of utter fucking failure that there is.

Comment by Steve Dallas 17 hours ago

No, not cancer thank God, just a useless thyroid. So you know, just the fun of depression, weight gain, hair loss, and all the other fun shit that goes with not having her meds right.



Comment by Liam S. 17 hours ago

Sounds like it was BCBS's issue (providing incorrect information to the Marketplace or deliberately misleading), not an ACA issue, no? What is the resolution? were you able to find a new plan?


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