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Misleading Headlines and Worthless Journalism

Started by Matt T. Last reply by Will 2 minutes ago. 12 Replies

So I'm sure more than a few on here will stop and say, "I've seen this like 10 times today!" Sorry. I'm really not good at using my phone for these things. Anyhow - here's the topic: Lately I've…Continue

Called It

Started by Pale Horse. Last reply by Daniel 45 minutes ago. 58 Replies


First God....

Started by Steve Dallas. Last reply by Titus Techera 15 hours ago. 19 Replies

So I often hear or read people state this order thing of importance in their life. First God, then wife, then family, then country. First football, then family. First bass fishing, then work, then…Continue

More Cake News About Gays

Started by Paul_of_TX. Last reply by Daniel yesterday. 144 Replies

I'm sure the leftists opinion will have shifted with the wind on this one. Now all of a sudden I bet the libs will be all for business owners having the right to refuse service to customers. The…Continue

How goes the war

Started by Will. Last reply by Vytautas on Sunday. 58 Replies

Charles Krauthammer makes this interesting observation:  we are now in a new stage of the war on terror.  ( …Continue

Reading the prince

Started by Titus Techera on Saturday. 0 Replies

So I'm working on Machiavelli's Prince these days. Is anyone interested in a chapter-by-chapter reading of the book?Continue

Who's afraid of radical change?

Started by Titus Techera. Last reply by Will on Saturday. 182 Replies

I have recently tried to make the case for conservatism as a matter of shame--& awareness of human evil, including humans who have the sense to be conservatives or friends of conservatism. Shame…Continue

SOTU 2015

Started by Pale Horse. Last reply by Titus Techera on Friday. 18 Replies

Thoughts? Opinions? Commentary?Continue

Tags: SOTU, Obama, President, Address, Union

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Comment by Will yesterday

Good plan.

I'll sometimes refer to  It's sometimes biased, but it's still the first place to go if something is provably true or false.

Comment by Matt T yesterday

I'm going to. This thing ain't easy to navigate from one's phone! lol


Comment by Vytautas yesterday

You should create a discussion thread about it, Matt.

Comment by Matt T yesterday
Ha! I love that last one. But yeah, I've seen a lot of that stuff online recently. It just makes it hard for me to defend my point of view when people cite these articles as "news". I know it's just sensational in order to A) get people in general to click the link and B) get people of different opinions to click and be "exposed to the truth". I know it happens on both the left and the right, but I tend to follow more conservative blogs, thus I see more of that.
Comment by Will yesterday

Captions, I mean.

Comment by Will yesterday

Thanks for moving it, Matt.  You also have the power to close the discussion you put in Introductions.

I won't nit-pick.  Usually we introduce new topics here; they'll all run together if they're comments on the group.

I suppose I'd be annoyed if the headline didn't match the article.  Mostly I enjoy James Taranto's intentionally misleading headlines:

Look Out Below! 
“UK’s Sun Drops Topless Models From Page 3”

So Much for the War on Drugs 
“Springfield College Men’s Basketball Takes Hit From Williams College”

News of the Oxymoronic 
“California’s Prop 47 Deals Blow to War on Drugs”

Comment by Daniel Rodriguez yesterday

The ability to speak and publish lies is just as ingrained as the ability to speak and publish truth, Matt. It lies on the consumer to seek out what is truth and what is not.

Comment by Matt T yesterday
Lately I've noticed quite a few right wing blogs (I myself tend to lean that direction) writing sensational headlines like "Top Generals take Action to Arrest Obama", then the actual "article" has nothing at all to support the headline. Now I'm sure this nonsense exists on both sides of the aisle but come on, we have to start holding these idiots accountable! They make anyone with an opinion look bad! Anyone else notice or agree?
Comment by Pale Horse on November 30, 2014 at 9:42pm

I wonder if he enjoyed the James Bond marathon today.

Comment by Leto Atreides II on November 30, 2014 at 9:37pm

Apparently. Both of his jerk off discussions are gone. Sayonara, Handjob! It won't be the same here without you.


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"So the two actuators are the heating element and the iris muscle.  One is thermal, but does not change shape, the other makes shape/size changes.    What is the full question or problem statement?"
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