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Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk

Started by John Muir. Last reply by VH 2 hours ago. 261 Replies

     Captain comb-over's ignorant statements about illegal immigrants were followed by a surge in his popularity amongst republicans, according to CNN polls.     He tried to defend his…Continue

"I like guns"

Started by Paul MacAlindin. Last reply by Seitanist Dan 9 hours ago. 40 Replies

Australian comedian, Jim Jeffries, thinks the only argument America has for not imposing gun control is:"F**k off, I like guns!"Here is his full analysis:…Continue

Tags: NRA, rifle, weapon, control, gun

Revolting, Macabre Details About Planned Parenthood's Gruesome Barbarism--Where Are The Excuses?

Started by Todd Serveto. Last reply by Jack Bauer yesterday. 393 Replies

I'd think the liberal Democrats would be a little more on the ball than this.  How's come all this time has gone by since the Center For Medical Progress released the first three videos from their…Continue

Tags: dismembered-babies, explain-aways, body-parts, dead-babies, evil

Shot while black

Started by Sir. Last reply by James! on Tuesday. 34 Replies

Can't believe we haven't had a thread on this before, but I couldn't find one.After Ferguson, and the "I can't breathe" guy, and the (white) DS man killed after entering a cinema without a ticket,…Continue

Do we do things because they're manly?

Started by Mad Max (⌐■_■). Last reply by terry sperling Aug 21. 28 Replies

Throughout the forum there's the general condemnation of "is it manly" threads, which always (probably rightfully) get beaten down. There's also the train of thought you shouldn't do anything just…Continue

The diversity pole

Started by Sir. Last reply by manInTheMaking Aug 17. 9 Replies

Swedish group organizes gay pride parade to march thru Islamic areas.  LGBT activists denounce this as racist.  Left-leaning Swedes plan counterdemonstration.…Continue

Urban poverty concentrations and race

Started by Liam Strain. Last reply by Michael D. Denny Aug 17. 11 Replies

I was reading an article on our NPR affiliate website discussing why we see large concentrations of black and latino poor in certain areas of the city (Chicago), but very few similar neighborhoods of…Continue

Tags: neighborhood, urban, race, poverty

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Comment by Nick H on August 23, 2015 at 1:45am
Either way. Nice to read such stories every now and then. Surprised no one brought it up in the discussion forum
Comment by John Muir on August 22, 2015 at 4:51pm

Nick the kind comments are appreciated, but as usual these days all the facts the news reported initially turned out to be incorrect..... It was an Air Force guy, an Army Reserve guy that had apparently been deployed to AFG, and one of their civilan buddies - along with a french dude and a brit

Comment by Nick H on August 22, 2015 at 4:43pm
70 years after the war but glad to see U.S. Marines still kicking ass in France
Comment by Clinton R. Ausmus on July 29, 2015 at 11:02pm

Haven't heard about the Hogan thing, but yeah, I did feel that way when Romney's recording came out.  He and Ryan still got my vote too.

Comment by Liam Strain on July 29, 2015 at 10:52pm

If there is an ongoing investigation, restricting the release makes sense and is well within the courts power (and not a 1st amendment violation)

But seriously - start a thread about it. 

Comment by Pale Horse on July 29, 2015 at 10:48pm

Clinton, did you feel that way when the Romney 47% quote came out? How about the recent Hulk Hogan thing?

Shane, I find this a gross violation of their First Amendment rights, and if I was in the CMP's position I would openly defy the court order.

Comment by Clinton R. Ausmus on July 29, 2015 at 10:23pm

Apparently he's ok with being recorded with out his knowledge and then having that recording released, possibly edited, and shown to the entire world.

Comment by Shane on July 29, 2015 at 10:15pm

what are you yammerin about?

Comment by Pale Horse on July 29, 2015 at 10:04pm

The Planned Parenthood scandal is bad enough, but this makes my blood boil:
If I were them releasing it would be sooo worth the jail time and/or fine. The hack court knows where to shove their vomitous order.

Comment by Sir on July 27, 2015 at 7:53pm

If there's a death penalty thread, you can post on it.  Or you can make one. (You can post here too, but if you want a discussion, a thread will work better.)


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VH replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"Yes, I think that is part of the equation as well. A friend and I were discussing this over lunch the other day and my friend brought up the observation that Trump doesn't apologize for some of these things that are "beyond the…"
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"One further thought on that.  GOP establishment candidates, plus Fox News, Berke Breathed, and MSM, did indeed try to put Trump beyond the bounds of polite society.  Not understanding that he was already outside polite society, and…"
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Sir replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"VH, thanks for posting that. I think Angelo Codevilla nailed it, in the link off that page, but Adams also nails something."
3 hours ago
Seitanist Dan replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"Trump is deciding if he'll go third party if he loses the Rep nomination. You wanna know what I say to that? MAKE ME A HAPPY HOPPING FAIRY, TRUMP. JUST DO IT."
4 hours ago
Native Son replied to Bearwolf's discussion Holding Hands During the Our Father in the group Catholic Men
"I commented on the folks who still haven't quite accepted changes in ritual that have taken place over the past half-century, or are so reliant upon "authority" that they are uncomfortable with anything that isn't spelled out in…"
4 hours ago
Carl Monster replied to Braeden's discussion My Fellow Americans, What Nation are you From?
"I know somebody like that, must be weird, sorta!"
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