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I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself briefly along with a picture from my first barber experience in Italy. I'm an Englishman who moved out to Italy last December and about five months ago I went for my first haircut at a local hairdressers along with my girlfriend. I didn't really like it but it was fine. Me and my girlfriend broke up about two months ago, just about when I could really have done with a new haircut. I'd been putting it off until last week and I just had so much hair it was getting stupid. Rather than going back to the hairdresser and getting a mediocre job again I decided to go to a local barber I passed going through the main street. The main reason I had been putting it off is because my Italian isn't great at all.

It turned out to be a great experience. I came in and sat down with three other gents who were old enough to be my grandfather and I tried to read an Italian newspaper while I waited my turn. I noted the age of the barber and his deft use of straight razors, etc and I felt a really warm feeling. I had a picture of a previous haircut I liked and he ignored it and just told me he'll do a normal cut. Brilliant. I don't like choosing those kinds of things anyway. After just over half an hour he finished this job. The best haircut I've ever had. And he's won himself another regular customer. Rather than putting off my next cut I'll be counting down the days and saving my pennies. A truly enjoyable experience because the man really knew his trade.

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That is a great look for you...and obviously the result of a skilled hand.  You've found a keeper.

That sure is a keeper. My barber retired a few years ago and I am still searching for a good barber.

Thank you Chuck, I'm definitely happy with him and am planning to go every 2 - 3 months.

Glad you enjoyed the experience.  A visit to a traditional barbershop is a great experience, and one I look forward to from the moment I leave after my cut.


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