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Started by Paul_of_TX. Last reply by JonEdanger Dec 17, 2013. 7 Replies

What do you guys think about Chris Christie?It seems that the media loves him right now and is almost preparing his 2016 run for President. I don't believe the media likes us or our positions. They…Continue

Newt 2012?

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So Newt has said he will take a serious look at running for the presidency in 2012.  What opinions have you regarding his chances and qualifications? On the one hand he knows his stuff through and…Continue

Best person to watch after Huckabee's withdrawal?

Started by Blaine. Last reply by Stephen W. Jun 1, 2011. 5 Replies

I was a strong supporter of Huckabee, so it was upsetting that he decided to pull out of the presidential race. Out of the current candidates I see right now I am probably going to be paying a good…Continue

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Comment by Marlie on January 20, 2015 at 4:32pm

I'm thinking Rob Lowe should send Meathead Rob Lowe to have a "little talk" with Michael Moore.

Comment by Marlie on January 16, 2015 at 3:00pm

I'm changing my name, guys. I'd meant to do it at the start of the year but was sidetracked. Actually, I've been wanting to do it for a long time now. Anyway, with all the happenings, I've decided to go with Marlie. It's hard for me to make changes so I thought I'd do it now, before I wimp out again.

Comment by Marlie on January 16, 2015 at 2:44pm

Today is John Kerry's big day. He's over in France offering "big hugs" to our ailing friends. And as the musician formerly known as Cat Stevens wasn't available to perform at their get-together, Kerry settled on James Taylor. There's a video of it. James Taylor performing "You've Got a Friend". Honestly, it's sad. Not a good sad, but a sad sad. I don't have the heart to even post it. I like James Taylor and I don't appreciate him being used this way. But I feel like posting something, so I'll go with this guy.

I loved his old stuff. Does that mean I'm part hippie? Hmm, maybe, a little. Give us back our Cat Stevens!

Comment by Marlie on January 15, 2015 at 2:36pm

Secretary of State, John Kerry, is about to embark on a No Apologies Tour. Well, no, not really, but he is going to offer up some love and to make nice with our French allies.

Better than nothing, I suppose. Unfortunately, immediately after his speech, and off-stage, the microphone was picking up a conversation he was presumably having with himself.

"Damned sniveling, quibbling-quibblers. I swear you miss one little ol’ World Leaders Unity March after a Parisian newspaper massacre caused by “violent extremists” and you can’t get the quibbling, nitpicking, nagging scolds off your back.

Je suis Charlie?…heh…je suis ready for a vacation…how ‘bout that?! [Unintelligible muttering]"

Comment by Marlie on January 14, 2015 at 2:27pm

You've probably heard by now but it seems that the Obama Administration is having a very difficult time identifying the enemy. They've got themselves all tied up in knots finding the right phraseology. Expressing the right term. The winning term seems to be "Violent Extremists". But Marie Harf, State Dept. Spokesperson, is saying Extremism/Extremists in the name of Islam. Obviously, they need a little help so I thought I'd offer a suggestion, or two, or four.

So how about.

Islamic-wannabee Terrorists

Islamic-wannabee Radicals

Islamic-wannabee Extremists

Or, go for the whole shebang with Islamic-wannabee Terrorist Radical Extremists. Personally, I think that's a bit much, but any of the first three would probably work for their purposes.

Comment by Marlie on January 12, 2015 at 3:08pm

Oops. I forgot to wish the Mayor of Realville a happy birthday. It's his birthday, don't ya know.

Happy 64th Birthday to Senor Rush!

Comment by Marlie on January 12, 2015 at 2:51pm

A few cartoons I've recently come across.

Now that's my kind of cartoon. It goes back to 2010 and was the result of a campaign day to draw the Prophet in response to violence. I wish I could draw. Of course, if I could my main target would be the Left. Hmm. Anyway, here are some others I liked. These are recent and in reaction to the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Comment by Marlie on January 7, 2015 at 10:07pm

Je suis Charlie.


I pray that the families and friends of those killed in this senseless act of terrorism would find a measure of comfort and solace in this simple act of solidarity with the victims.

Comment by Marlie on January 6, 2015 at 11:57pm

And we're off, good gentlefolk! The 114th Congress is in session as of today.

For some reason I found myself watching the election of the House Speaker process. The Reading Clerk reads off the name of every member of the House. That's over 400 names. And each Member in turn says, out loud, who he/she votes for. R's by a landslide chose John Boehner. Dem's by a landslide (or maybe unanimously) chose Nancy Pelosi. Yes, she's still around. It took about an hour-and-a-half just to get all the votes tallied in this manner.

Then they select a committee of mixed Members who then retire from the chamber to go get the new Speaker. In this case, John Boehner, of course. The comical part was when Nancy Pelosi was introducing the Speaker. Her introduction was less of an introduction than it was an "aren't we Democrats great" with all the things we intend to blah blah blah... then some more blah blah blah... our Republican friends should come along with us... blah blah blah.

Poor Boehner was standing right beside her the entire time. Patiently waiting for the gavel she's supposed to present him with so he can take his Chair and start proceedings. But Pelosi's going on and on like she won the Speakership! lol. Then FINALLY she hands him the gavel only to, two seconds later, take it back. I'm not sure why but I got the feeling there's a protocol and maybe she goofed and tried to fix it. Anyway, it looked funny her taking the gavel back in that harried manner.

Then there was the swearing in. First of Boehner. Then of the newest Members simultaneously. I know a lot of people aren't fond of Boehner. I'm not quite sure what to think of him myself what with that ridiculous Cromnibus they passed. We'll have to wait and see how it goes.

I never told you all before, but I've got a SteelDrivers song for Boehner. I can't help it. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of him. Anyway, I thought now was as good a time as any to share it with you all.

I gotta tell you, I can kind of relate to this one myself.

Comment by Marlie on January 1, 2015 at 10:32pm

I'm a little late with this, but it didn't seem right to me to not post it.

Oh, and Happy New Year, AoMers. :)


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