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So we have 16 members and I'm the only one willing to answer the question at hand?

I believe I am an old soul because of a difference in my actions and those of my peers. I'm currently a college sophomore at a small Christian liberal arts university, where I'm majoring in biology with hopes of going to medical school. to me, it seems that while many of the student body here are Christians, there is a sizable amount of students who have no affiliation nor want any affiliation or interest in religion. That sort of boggles my mind considering it somewhat expensive to attend here (~30k/year), so I'd think they'd want to come here only if they really wanted to. Other than that, I believe myself to be decent Christian, not exactly hardcore, but I try to follow the teachings by my actions rather than my words. The reason I'm not hardcore is because I actually have some personal views of life and such that conflict with what hardcores would consider "absolute" and I simply don't agree with them. I'm also not the kind of college student you see everywhere today that goes out on weekends and gets plastered from alcohol, smokes and does drugs, and has sex with random partners. And I'm a scholarship kid, so if my grades hit the fan then I'm toast and couldn't attend there anymore so I take my studies pretty seriously. But when I'm not studying, I actually do like to have fun, as I play rugby, am a member of a social club (our equivalent of a frat), and hang out with my group of friends.

I'm different personality and almost time period-wise from my peers because of the different things I hold in high regard, and for what I consider to be enjoyable or fun. For instance, I'm an absolutely voracious reader in the fact that all throughout my childhood and teenage years I would just plow through books left and right, often very quickly. I love reading new and interesting books, with the genres of books I enjoy starting to diversify more nowadays. This is in total contrast to many students who's response to having to read is pretty much along the lines of, "Shoot me now." I believe reading is a crucial activity to keep your mind engaged and constantly thinking and learning, and it's sad it's becoming so rejected by many.

I also am very big on being polite and chivalrous towards other people, especially my elders and women, which I tend to see a lot of guys my age simply not caring one way or the other about. It tells a lot about someone's character when the treat other people especially girls and those who are older than them with such disrespect, and I try to keep myself away from that.

In regards to social life, I have a mixed group of friends, some are fellow bio majors, others are members of the rugby team, some more are from my social club, and others are simply those I've met and befriended at some point on campus. I think its better to have a wide variety of people in your social circle, that way there's a sharing of different viewpoints, ideas, and thoughts, that can make everyone more aware and well-rounded.

With dating, I'm under the belief that you should have a period of time of getting to know the person you're interested in before asking to go out on dates. It's after a few dates that you should decide whether or not to keep on dating become exclusive. After this point, it's pretty much a mixture of getting to know the person you're dating even more, and going out on dates. Now where I divert from traditional Christian thinking and old school ways as well like Joseph mentioned, is on the topic of affection and personal contact. I believe that it's fine to hold hands, hug, kiss, and display other forms of affection with your significant other, although it's more polite to not flaunt it in public. I also divert even further with my views on sex. I do believe that during dating, when exclusive, that the two people should be able to have intimate sexual contact with each other up to around to say it politely albeit crudely as I can think of, third base. Although in terms of having full intercourse, my view is that it should be prolonged as much as possible, although not necessarily till marriage, since it will change the relationship no matter what they think. While if they choose to put it off till marriage, I will have infinitely that much more respect for them, but if they choose not to, I would hope its after a significant amount of time understanding and being with each other (~1.5-3 years), but I would not look down upon them.

And some tendencies that I've simply picked up out of interest or habit over the years include shaving with a double edge razor set, caring more about my appearance whether it be through my clothes or my physical body, my thoughts about politics/how the world should work, and many other little eccentricities.

And sorry for the long post, but seeing as there's only been two people responding so far, I might as well make up for it by adding a portion of my own thoughts to this group.

Yes. In the time since posting last, I also gave become a fan of traditional shaving. I personally use a GEM Junior single edge from somewhere between 1912 and 1922.

If you check my profile, I have been using the blog feature of this site to blog about the process of getting into the wet shave. There is a group for us that shave that way on here too. if you're interested.

Well, I carry a pocket knife and believe every responsible man should carry a pocket knife, I have "old school" morals and values, and really think I should have been born in the 1940's or 1950's.


When I was 15, I was having daily coffee at 3pm with the Greatest Generation. We all had our own table in the corner of the diner on permanent reserve...I learned a lot of that group of gentlemen...Sadly, two or three members of the group passed on not too long after the diner closed.


I am chivalrous, never fail to tip my hat or give a nod when passing someone on the street, I carry Networking Cards to exchange with other professionals, and I have very old-time values when it comes to finding a special young lady. I like courtship, and then dating. I think it's great.


I don't swear in front of ladies or girls (I believe there are Girls, Women, and Ladies) and I also don't swear in front of children.  I just find I'm wired like an old man all around....And after 7 graveyard shifts in a row, I physically feel like an old man as well.

I cannot claim to be of traditional morals, but I've often been told that i am older than my 22 years (Indeed, i started trimming my beard in a more edgy, punk-rock style so as to "look my age"). I think this comes from a combination of my musical tastes (Clapton, ZZ top, and Warren Zevon being favorites of mine, although i have plenty of Rob Zombie and Green Day to keep them company), my personal style (I favor a trilby whereas my peers are trucker cap devotees. In addition, i actually own a tailored suit, cufflinks, and tie bar, and wear it for more than just job interviews and funerals), and my personality (I'm known for my patience, cynicism, and insight, sometimes in ways that people find unsettling for a man under 50). I cannot explain the first two, other than that my father was once a DJ and a biker, and i grew up listening to his collections on vinyl. I think that my personality is largely a product of my job, since it takes an insightful mind to deal with patients that often do not want to reveal the source of their symptoms, and cynicism is an effective defense against dealing with death on a daily basis. Oh, and i also shave with a brush and straight razor. I really have no reason for doing so other than that it is the only way i can avoid razor burn.

In terms of morals, i tend to follow a code of my own. I am a proud Eagle Scout (in fact, i have the medal tattooed on my arm, along with several cardiac rhythms and an image of the Ebola virus), and much of that influences how i interact with people. That being said, i am not known for delicacy in conversation. I don't sugar-coat things, and i swear to shame a Marine (Ironically, a trait i picked up from my grandmother, a WWII army nurse). I view it as being honest, although it does rub some people the wrong way. I hold no religious affiliations of my own, although i do hold to a judeo-christian concept of upright conduct, and i begrudge no one their faith. Indeed, My fiance, whom i love very dearly, is a Mormon. We understand that neither of us will change the others' mind, and we accept it. I hold a promise made to be sacred, and i can sometimes be almost fanatical in fulfilling my word.

In all, i consider myself to be an amalgam of the old and new. Indeed, i am as likely to be seen in my suit (with earrings and spiked hair, of course) as i am in a leather jacket and jeans (With my trusty trilby and a loosely knotted tie), singing "Living Dead Girl" in the spirit of Sinatra.

Yes, the job can often bring cynicism and insight.  I was a student on the ambulance in highschool, and before I became a First-Aid Officer at the mine, I worked on a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit...Wroking with severely mentally ill individuals really changes your life views; and when you see constant abuse of the system, and constant failure of the system (not so much in EMS, but when you get a patient who you know damn well should be in prison because he is too violent even for the Seclusion Unit, you know that the system failed somewhere) If that makes sense

Oh yes, it makes perfect sense. I have done some internship time in psychiatric facilities, and we regularly do psychiatric transports for my main job. I'm not exactly popular with several of these facilities, since i have reported them on numerous occasions for violations in patient rights.

Don't get me started on violations of patient rights...Needless to say my job wasn't always to protect staff from violent patients...Same for when I was working ER, I had to go in and give the staff a talking-to....Anyways, back to the old souls...

I'm 15 and I prefer to wear my tweed jacket and button down shirt over things like hoodies that my friends wear. I'm looking for a new pocket watch as my old one was cheep and broke. I agree that pocket knives should be carried when possible. My favorite game is poker and I enjoy horse riding


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