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I carry a pocket watch, which I use almost exclusively to tell the time, used to carry a handkerchief before it got ruined and I haven't been able to find a good replacement, My favorite time period was the Victorian era (I'm also int science fiction so steampunk is right up my alley), I shave using a brush and soap (soon I will complete my set, going full steam into double edge shaving), and in general I refuse to allow chivalry to die, and that's not to mention my stance on dating.


Oh, yeah, and I am 25.

What's your stance on dating and kudos to you my good man for keeping chivalry alive

I believe in courtship and dating in the old style. Courtship comes first, wherein you have found someone that interests you and you make that clear to the other person. You, if she is not convinced to go further yet, you do what you can to get her interested. Then comes dating, wherein you talk to her a lot to get to know her. You also talk to her family and friends, attempting to find out how she is when not around you. See how she is with her family in your presence as well. Basically, spend as much time as you need to in this stage. Dating can go on for a year, or even more if you want. Next comes engagement. I believe in big romantic gestures for the actual asking of the question because I think they show the lady how you feel about her. The bigger and more meaningful, the better. Then, after a short engagement, you get married. Not too short, because when my brother got married, we only had two months to get the wedding ready, and while it was a great wedding, it was also a bit too hectic on us. I think four or five months would be as long as the engagement should last. During the engagement is when you can start holding hands for the first time. Finally, you have the wedding. This is when you kiss for the first time, so that it means something. In my experience, this formula may seem strict and perhaps excessive, but it has never failed to create a quality marriage that lasts. And a successful, lasting, loving marriage is the goal when you start the courtship process.

At any time in this process, if you learn something that is a deal-breaker, you must go to the other person and discuss the issue together. If you two can't talk the issue out to where you want to continue with this person, break it off. But make sure that it happens in as kind of a way as possible. If you do, you could become closer friends that you ever would have been before.

It's a shame that some of the old ways died

I agree wholeheartedly.

I hate how trend dress nowadays. Where is there pride?
I meant teens my phone auto corrected me

Yes, why is it seemingly a competition to see who can dress the most slovenly without wearing sweatpants? (and some even cross that line)

Exactly they are almost grown ups and they should dress that way

Too bad there is a difference between being an adult and being a grown-up. Although I refuse to grow up all the way, that is a different matter. I simply know how to keep my inner child alive and well fed with stuff for the imagination mill.

Yes I understand keeping that alive of course but I'm curious how do you think teen guys should dress

I don't believe class has a lower age limit.


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"Wapyāsu.  As in, "I am going to wapyāsu.""
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"Hokuto Shin Ken."
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Kevin Collier replied to Sir's discussion Total eclipse 8/21, US mainland
"Were were 10 miles from Carbondale, the top US spot. Boss shut down the shop, we grilled out and had a perfect view. Was a memorable experience!"
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"We had 97% in ATL. Were not able to make the drive north to see the full shebang (I got called in on a contrac), but should be able to see the next one in seven years. A couple shots from Little Five Points."
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"Thank you, Christian.  Here are the English and the (Google) German translation.  (I am hoping that I was successful in attaching a file to my Word document.  I guess we'll just have to see if it worked.)"
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Christian Schmidt replied to David R.'s discussion Do you speak German fluently?
"I can help you with that. Native born German and pretty much fluent in English."
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Sir replied to Sir's discussion Total eclipse 8/21, US mainland
"Yes.  Saw a ring of fire around a black disk.  Supposedly it was the corona, but it was plenty bright. Had so much fun looking thru my 2 pinhole cameras, seeing it on my tablet, and an occasional look thru eclipse glasses."
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