For motorcycle riding, what do you suggest?  Pros and cons of each? 

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Well I would say if you had to choose between the two you posted I would go with steel toe, the whole idea of wearing a boot while riding is protecting the ankle and foot in case of mishap. Now for the best choice I would buy a boot manufactured just for riding, companies like icon and joe rocket sell boots that have reinforced ankles and toes to protect from crushing, twisting, smashing etc. 

I don't like slip on boots for motorcycles myself. Slip on means slip off easily in an accident. I like a nice lace up boot with a zipper to allow getting out of it and a Vibram sole. I don't own a pair of real motorcycle name brand boots myself but bought a SWAT type of black boots at a surplus store that are comfortable, have a lot of support, and allows me to walk around when I get to where I am going.

Steel toe or not? More protection is probably good. I got hit right above the visor by a tire lug nut flying off a car on the freeway. I like a full face helmet, boots that won't come off in a fall, and protective pants and jacket.

I wear slip on without steel toes. I read that the steel toes can actually make it hard to fit under the shifter. They're not specifically motorcycle boots, but have been good enough for the minor spills I've taken while I learned to ride. Having said that, I support the idea of getting a boot made specifically for riding.

I wear lace ups , no steel toe . I like the ankle support they give and are not going to come off in an accident like slip ons can .


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