Any older gentlemen read Brett's Magnum Opus? I read large chunks of it, and want to hit it better over the long weekend.

As I went through the lengthy sets of recommendations, I could not help but feel wave after wave of sadness run through me.

I realized most of my life is now past me, and so much of the list is beyond the reach of a middle aged man who is daily living with the results of living a life avoiding so much of what Brett mentions: physical challenge, hardship, confrontation, competition, and most of all, connection.

Am I the only one who feels that way over this piece? I am glad for the younger man who reads it and can take action, but the gladness is tempered with something I've never felt before about my life: regret.

I may get no response here, as these older groups seem to be dormant, so consider this a mini blog of mine placed here.

I also don't want feedback from younger men, as they can't understand until they have reached this age.

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Believe it or not still reading. Wish I had read it when I was six or seventeen...

I wasn't in the best of places when I read the thing and posted this either. Things could have been way different if I read this in my late teens or twenties, hey even thirties as I know I really didn't mature till those years.

Since then I've brushed myself off and said screw that, I'm going to stop pining away for man I'll never be and look around at my sitch and see what I can do today.

I'm taking ownership of my decisions and journey, and I recommend you do too.

The past can't be changed, let it go and you'll be much happier.

Never liked Teddy Roosevelt anyway.

This thread has had a long life. As I went back to re-read, there is evolving for you, Carl. In a good way.
Thanks Art.
It's called acceptance.


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