When I was growing up, casual nudity in the locker room and showers was common.  I don't remember any guy being shy when nude around other guys, and we all saw that everybody was about the same "down there."

But in today's world, casual nudity in the locker room and showers is becoming more and more rare.  And due to easily-viewed porn, many/most guys feel inadequate "down there," and both sexes gossip and bully guys outside the locker room.

I feel sorry for these younger guys.  But with the Internet out there, I don't see anything changing.

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I think that back in the pre-internet age, we just accepted the fact that we all looked different down there in terms of what God gave us, and I don't recall it ever being an issue. Yes, there were penis jokes and suchlike in the locker room, but I don't recall that it ever got out of hand or reached a point where anyone became painfully self-conscious. You played volleyball (or whatever), and had just enough time to run through the shower to get wet before the bell for the next class rang. I can't say that there was much time for looking around because we were in such a hurry to get dry and changed so we wouldn't be late for the next class.

But you're right on target with your last statement. The internet is here now, for good or bad. Things we wouldn't have ever imagined are out there in the cyber world and easily accessible by any kid with an iphone. I don't expect anything to change in that regard either.

What are you basing these findings on? Personal experience? Interviews with younger men?
The 'net is a two-edged sword. That same internet helped save me from a lifetime of body shame and helped me transform myself mentally and physically, all while giving me glimpses now and then that I'm not alone as I thought.
I believe it's done way more good than harm overall.

Carl, I'm glad to hear how the Internet helped you so much.  Like so many things -- money for example -- it is simply a tool, one that can be used for good or for bad.  It is our choice, not the fault of the tool itself.

Thanks, but I am curious as to how you came to your conclusions about nudity (or lack of).

For me it's see it's more the sexuality that has been driven into everything, mostly by the entertainment industry and media. In my gym I don't see a lot of nudity from young men because they arrive already dressed. That means they don't work, or are in school.

Older men like me simply don't have time to shower and hang; there's work to get back to, or family. And the much older guys who do like to let it all hang out; well, they gots lots of time. If I was retired I'd probably be strolling naked around in the locker room myself.

Carl, one of the basic tenets of nudism (which I am not an official part of) is that nudity ≠ (does not equal) sex.  The young people I'm talking about are the guys leaving the shower or who change into swim suits and do the "towel dance" so as not to be nude.  And for "older men like" you, I'm talking about casual showering and changing, not letting it "all hang out" because "they gots lots of time" like guys who are even older often do in some locker rooms.

I am merely positing why men, younger men, would do the dance you see. I have never witnessed such a dance, and I've been going to a gym for years. It seems to me most men don't shower at the gym and choose to do it elsewhere, but that's only what I see.
That's why I asked where your conclusion came from; personal experience or elsewhere.
Somehow I don't see you ever retiring, Carl. In my humble opinion, you enjoy your work ... a lot. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Lol

I do, Art, yes.

And enjoy my gym time as well, so yea, you are probably right.

Happily all this stuff has not taken off in Europe and most people who use gyms seem to be happy to change and shower as usual. I'm not a gym guy particularly but I do exercise and I do a yoga class there too and I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow travellers there.

I'd hate to get dressed and go off sweaty from there.

I'll be 54 this year, and my nephew, who'll be 30, was surprised to learn that I shower at the gym.  Years ago, he told me that doing so was "old school," and said that when he played high-school football, almost no one showered after practice or games.  I always shower before I leave the gym, if there's time.  I figure it's better for my skin to wash the sweat off right away. 


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