There's much to be said for "growing old gracefully". And then there are those of our contemporaries who are dragged to senior citizenship kicking and screaming. I find I'm at a crossroads, accepting that my superhero physique's got some miles on it, and embracing what maturity brings (really, guys. There's good, past fifty. And we've earned it.) So what do the senior decades look like for you? A phrase applies well in our situation: "The best revenge is living well".

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I think the important thing is to do what you can do, and do it well.
I REALLY want to get back to regular exercise, and once I'm through with a current short term intense job I'm doing I will.

I once went to a chiropractor who wrote a book "Stronger after 40" as to how to exercise for optimum health. Well when I last saw him he was ewll over sixty and looked really, really good.

I think the important thing is NOT to try and be 20 - we aren't - but to be the healthiest we can be at whatever age we are.

A neighbor once remarked, "You are getting younger!" I joined a gym and used it regularly, I went into the outdoors as often as possible, I took up hobbies that demanded physical and mental acuity: Fencing and Acting. I just turned 60. I acknowledge there are some things I can't change, like my genetic loss of hearing, but I am going to fight the Grim Reaper tooth and nail!

I am 63. I have learned I can take good care of myself physically, be fit, and stay active, but time is going to do some things that cannot be changed. My skin is thinner, my muscles aren't as large, and I'm just not as strong physically. I also have arthritis. On the plus side; sex is still great when your over 50; that's part of the reason you stay in shape.

The best part of 'beating the clock' is just making the best out of every day; going to bed at night knowing you've done the best you could to make a difference. Whether you live to be 50 or 85 how you use your time is what matters. That's my wisdom, briefly.

Now that I'm 55, I don't have to do as many pushups for the PRT, so I thought about doing fewer in my upper-body workouts, but why reduce those if I'm not reducing anything else?  I concentrate on form as do as many as I can do properly. 

I may put a little more thought into what I wear as I age, because a t-shirt with jeans or shorts is comfortable, but a little sloppy.  My wardrobe can improve with age. 

More formal is better as we age, particularly in public. Frumpy works at home,but does not flatter a guy with some age on him. I'm all about comfort, but you wouldn't catch me in a tee shirt, even at Walmart. And as we all know, ANYTHING goes at Walmart!

[...] So what do the senior decades look like for you? A phrase applies well in our situation: "The best revenge is living well".

I'm in my sixties, divorced, and retired (I took early retirement). I've been hitting the gym and dieting the last few years, and I lost 75 pounds of flab and got back in pretty good shape. My joints are creaky and I don't strain to push a lot of weight for fear of tearing something, but otherwise I look and feel pretty good. 

Other than that, on the day-to-day level I'm mainly just puttering around and enjoying the peace and relaxation.

I did most of my "bucket list" stuff earlier in life, so these days my current goals are pretty modest by comparison. I'm learning Canasta and Bridge; eventually I'll join the local senior center to play some cards and interact a bit more with the local folks. And I'm working on my French: I live in the northeast US and Montreal is just up the road. If I ever get any good at French I'll look to join some kind of cross-cultural social group.

Life is good. No worries, got my health.

I am enjoying life much more than when I was younger.  Since turning 60 I have made four trips to China and one to VietNam.  I really enjoyed them all.

It's almost as if the five decades previous have prepared us and taught us how to really enjoy what life's about now, and not give a rip about the "small stuff". I sure would have done a few things differently.


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