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Surprise Friday the 13th Adventure

Started by Karl Helweg. Last reply by Karl Helweg Apr 2. 7 Replies

We received a call Friday morning to search for an overdue aircraft out of Yakutat, Alaska.  The weather was unusually good and the terrain was too amazing for pictures.  Sadly despite it being a…Continue

White Horse Part II

Started by Karl Helweg. Last reply by Karl Helweg Sep 30, 2013. 1 Reply

We were just too rushed on our July trip to White Horse and had to skip the Skagway leg so we are planning a second trip the end of September.  Most of the tourists should have fled by then. …Continue

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Comment by Karl Helweg on November 6, 2013 at 2:48pm

Comment by Karl Helweg on July 25, 2013 at 11:56am

Kody F Showers - We just gave up trying to cross the border with guns or ammo since the rules are so vague and change so often.  A .30-30 should be OK....  They only asked about fresh fruits/vegetables, alcohol, and tobacco.  IF you have time I would recommend BAMF.  Oddly, White Horse was advertising a gun show 7/27/13(?)  I wish that I could have stayed just to see what they have.  Takhini and Liard hot springs are good stops.   We saw very little wildlife last week but two Aprils ago the bison/moose, caribou/elk/antelope/bears/deer/lynx were so thick that it was not safe to drive from evening to morning.  

Comment by Intrepid Stephen on July 18, 2013 at 1:05pm

Just got back from a month in Nepal trekking in the Himalayas. I was field testing the first versions of my leather travel bags ( Spent 10 days backpacking to Annapurna Base Camp with a small group of friends, rode elephants, kayaked rivers, hiked mountains. It was amazing. Easily the most intensely beautiful and intensely difficult thing I've ever done.

We flew into Kathmandu and took a short plane ride to Pokhara which was our staging ground for the trekking. From there we trekked into the Annapurna region. Of course, I had a 40 pound backpack on because I had to schlep the prototypes of my bags and photography gear up the mountains. By the end of the first day I was cursing ever spare sock I brought!

We trekked for 10 days up and down what most would call mountains, but there they are just hills. Every day we stopped in a different village and enjoyed a warm serving of Dhal Baht (lentils and rice) and a relatively comfortable bed. It was all worth it when we reached the top!

On the way back we stopped at some hot springs in Jihnudara for a bit to soak our sore muscles and drink copious amounts of hard earned beer.

Thoroughly recommend the trip to anybody looking for a bit of adventure!

Comment by Kody F Showers on July 18, 2013 at 12:30pm

Thank you Karl for all of the info. I wasnt planning on going to BANFF but I will be in Edmonton, so should this be a side trip? I do Have bear spray but I will also be carrying a 30.30 for protection. I am leaving this Monday the 22nd. I am curious about the border patrol also. I have the proper documents for my gun but have read that many food items are prohibited. I have made about a pound of jerky to take backpacking and will be pissed if it all gets confiscated at the border. thanks again for the tips.

Comment by Karl Helweg on July 12, 2013 at 1:42pm

Kody F Showers - there are endless tips for this trip but the top of the list is get a copy of:  This is the Bible for driving to and in Alaska.  It is absolutely chocked full of real tips and warnings.  Make sure you vehicle is in good shape, carry a tool kit, spare headlight, (covering your headlights and windshield with a bug/rock deflector is good), spare oil, a gas can, a bug-out-bag, fishing gear, a camera, every type of bug repellent possible, and a passport.   Are you planning to pan, fish, or hunt?  Are you driving up through BANFF?   Even if you are only hiking & fishing try and carry "bear spray" that starts with at least a .4. 

When are you going?  We should be driving back from Anchorage to the ferry in Haines by way of Whitehorse (see below) 7/22-24/13. 

Comment by Kody F Showers on July 10, 2013 at 3:33pm

My Next big trip is finally upon me. Driving from Indiana to Alaska. I plan on giving Alaska a full month or so and then a few weeks for a long way back home trip via Washington. So the questions arise for anyone with experience where would be some good places to go I know about all the national parks, Tetlin NWR and yukon charelys river reserve. how some things to bring that I might not realize i would like to have with me. We will be doing a lot of backpacking and backcountry camping but are willing to do a tour or two if the price is fair and it is of interest. Also I have read a lot about the Dalton Highway up to the gates of the arctic NP. How bad is it if anyone knows.Anyone one willing to drop knowledge would be awesome.

Comment by Karl Helweg on July 10, 2013 at 12:35pm
"Mini-adventure" was reasonably successful. One %$R#(*$ bolt wasted days of work. It was the top bolt in the tail rudder and had seized up with the old bearing. The problem was that it was held by relatively delicate aluminum flanges so it was a BEAR to cut out. My wife even had fun and finished sewing about half the new leather interior. She ended up flying back on a fancy Caravan full of tourist talking about how they felt like they were on a "reality show." Got a fair amount of work done including polishing but she still needs a couple little parts (like a new tail rudder bearing) and a little machining on the flap pillow blocks to tighten them up.
Comment by Karl Helweg on July 5, 2013 at 12:37pm
A little upcoming miniadventure to Gustavus, Alaska. We leave Saturday morning on the at 0700. I should be a 4.5 hour trip with smooth weather. The galley is pretty good on the M/V LeConte. Since my lovely wife is coming we are staying at a lodge Saturday night. She'll fly back with the puppy Sunday afternoon on one of the local puddle hoppers in a Cessna 207 so we will move to a more rustic (and cheaper) cabin until the next ferry Tuesday afternoon. The main purpose of the trip is to work on my airplane which coincidentally turns 52 years old Sunday July 7th. Don't ask when my wife's birthday is but I can remember my plane's.
IF reassembly and repairs go well we might leap frog my plane back to Juneau before Tuesday and then fly me back to take the vehicle home on the ferry.
The mechanic(s) and I just might even get a chance to fly to nearby Skagway Monday night for Soapy Smith's annual wake.
Comment by Karl Helweg on April 5, 2013 at 5:20pm

"Stupid adventure"  I already purchased my hunting & fishing license for this year.  I just watched mandatory bear sex video above so that I can buy a brown bear harvest band for GMU 4.  I have a boat in pretty good shape now but I still need a dinghy (but have a motor for one.)  I have pretty good bear hunting gear.

I do not have a hunting partner sane enough for me to go with and crazy enough to go with me yet.   Legally they must be a resident.  Without some one to help watch for what is hunting you bear hunting is not real wise. 

My odds of a successful harvest are not great regardless.  I am tempted to take either a flintlock or crossbow just to help begin better stories. 

Comment by Karl Helweg on April 2, 2013 at 6:16pm

Well I guess that I'll open with a possible Memorial Day road trip and  meetup in White Horse, Yukon Territory then back to Skagway, Alaska.  There is also a chance of postponing it until July and/or adding Haines, Alaska and making a triangle out of it.

There are no roads in or out of where I live so we will have to start with: 

The sites in White Horse include the Beringia Interpretive Center, the SS Klondike, and probably stay overnight at the hot springs:  They have a nice wild game eatery and KFC (which is a big deal living here.)   We hope to meet up with a few friends from across Alaska (& Canada?) who will have a longer drive but no ferry ride. 

Skagway has the legendary Chilkoot Trail, the ghost town Dyea, the Days of '98 drama, the White Pass steam locomotive, and a brothel tour.   Skagway barely has 800 souls but 2 Indian eateries somehow. 

Haines has friends who we would like to visit but it is the weekend of the wildly popular Beer Fest:  None of us are particularly beer drinkers and the town becomes a zoo while White Horse and Skagway are about empties out with so many people going to the Beer Fest. 

Overall risk factor maybe a 2.5 out of 10 then only because of the Alcan portion and cross border hassle potential.   Photo factor maybe a 7.5 especially IF the White Pass narrow gauge steam train is working.


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