How many kids do you have/plan to have?  How did you arrive at that?

I'm gettin' old, but not sure our house is full enough.  Or that it isn't. 

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We decided before getting married that we wouldn't have kids. All kids we saw were hellions, parents constantly yelling, so much stress...

And we were happy.

Then the biological clock started ticking and she started making noises about wanting one of those little turd makers. Sex life increased dramatically and I was happy. She kept a chart, did the moon phases thing, bought and read books, and had more sex. And I was really happy.

Doctors, tests, family and friends advice, but it only happened after she was advised to back off and let nature take its course. Pregnancy was great 'cause we had more sex. And we were both happy, even if for different reasons.

Little girl changed my life forever. In all kinds of ways. No more kids, one is enough.

But then there is sex...

And surprise, we get another kid.

OK really, enough is enough already... Especially after our friends come over from a few states away and all the rooms were filled with people sleeping on the floor, couches, beds, inflatable mattresses with all their KIDS. Wow. Eight is way too many, but it works for them.

Snip, Snip, and we are done. Both of us are thankful for two and only two. Many times over we have observed that they play well together, the older one teaches the younger one (both good and bad), and we are happy.

Will, it is entirely up to you and yours. I was fine with none, ended up with two, and am still happy. My friend has eight and it works for them. Good luck. Kinda hard to put them back, but you could always adopt if you wanted more after the Sunkist operation.

My wife and I married somewhat later than we would have preferred, and some of the child-baring years are gone.  Even so, our first is on the way, and we're looking forward to the next addition to the family.  We have both looked forward to being parents for a long time, and have agreed that 3 is a good starting point.  If we happen to have more than that, we'll take them as well.  We both come from large families and from a background where family is still held as the greatest of all institutions, and having children is regarded as a sacred calling and responsability, due largely to our religious beliefs.  She came from a family of 10 and I'm number 4 of 5. 

I have 10 children.  I have no idea how it happened.

I have three children.  Two of them my wife from a previous marriage, the other was a gift from Mickey Mouse.  Even though unplanned the last one is a blessing for myself as I always wanted a child of my own, someone to whom I am "Daddy".

My wife and  I married later in life (I am six years older).  We got to work on the family after nine months of marriage.  Our first was easy and our second was a challenge.  Mother nature has shut us down.  It is bittersweet.  For several reasons we wanted more-at least three.  We are grateful for our two.  I have friends who are emptying their nests.  I am doing the pre-k/early elem minivan run to scouts, ballet, soccer, school, church, and I am loving it!  


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