So as it goes I made a promise to my daughter to take her camping every year.  She is five and we are ready to embark on our second camping trip.  Our first camping trip was a blast and we both look forward to going camping again ( I am going to start preparing her and I for section hiking the Appalachian trail, but we are at least 1 to 2 years out from that) .   From our first camping trip I realized my skills for camp meals have dwindled over the years.  I am a decent cook(at home), grew up camping in the scouts and have tons of field time in the Marines.  Marines are easier than a five year old to "camp out" with. We are not hiking we are just staying at a State Park here in Florida.  No packing in our food. So coolers are readily available.

  This brings me to my question for this post  What are some good/easy recipes for camping with a child or just in general?  It is just me and her.  I get as much good help as I can from a five year old but it is just me and her so of course I do all the work.  Any ideas for easy food for camping that she may participate in the creation of or that I could execute easily would be greatly appreciated.


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Great activity to bond with kids!

I love cooking at home and at camp.  I ave a 6 year old.  He is helping more and more.

I give him jobs to do and let him do as much as he wants.  Usually I end up "finishing" but he is into it.


Obviously pancakes.  Mix.  Bring eggs and some canola/vegetable oil for the batter and for the griddle.  A cast-iron griddle or fry pan makes life better.  Especially with the concentrated heat of a Coleman stove, thin cheap pans, non-stick or otherwise, are very prone to burn foods.

Frogs in a hole.  The old camping classic.  Slice of bread, cut hole with edge of last nights empty soup or bean can, lay on hot greased pan, drop egg into the "hole".  cook, flip.


We like spaghetti and meatballs 9or sausage).  Meatballs for kids can simple be ground burger or turkey-burger rolled into a ball.  They don't like all the garlic and oregano and everything else in a normal meatball.  So kiddo can roll up some meatballs- you can "finish up" any that have no resemblance to a sphere.  Spaghetti needs no instructions.

I like what my dad used to call "goulash"..  But this camp version is not real goulash.  big fry pan. Brown up some hamburger.  Set aside.   slice potatoes pretty thin (maybe 1/8"), start cooking in fry pan with plenty of oil, add one sliced onion, a bit of fresh garlic chopped if you want, maybe some sliced peppers, salt, add the cooked hamburger.  Medium heat.  or medium low.  Keep cover on; helps cook faster.  Keep scraping the bottom with the flipper and turn over the cooked stuff and let the uncooked stuff hit the bottom.  Scrape and flip, scrape and flip.  done when potatoes are done...maybe 35 minutes.

those are my sure bets.

Have fun!  don't forget the s'mores stuff!


  Thanks for the ideas.  I will definitely incorporate these into our next outing in a few weeks.  S'mores are definitely on the list all ready.  We look forward to trying these out.

Campfire chili dogs are great if your daughter is in to spicier food. They're relatively easy to put together -- basically just hot dogs with some extras -- and very tasty. And for breakfast there are some surprisingly tasty variations you can put on oatmeal (peanut butter and banana for instance) that most kids will like and which are very easy to put together.

One item that my family loves when camping is the pie iron. We bring along pizza sauce with some cheese and peperoni and make hot melty pizza sandwiches. Even your regular meat and cheese sandwich taste better toasted with the cheese melted. For breakfast I sometimes scramble up a raw egg and put that into the pie iron then cook it in the fire; just be careful not to spill any egg out the side. Then I take that egg and make a breakfast sandwich. We have not done this but I have talked to others that take pie filling and make dessert type sandwiches with pie irons. Prep work and clean up are easy with the pie iron and the kids can help out and actually be the one who does the cooking. It's easier than cooking a hotdog over a fire.

When I go camping I have the luxury of an ice box so I can take in fresh veg and make salads to accompany all the meat .
Two of my faves are couscous ( kids should find this easy to make ) add sliced chillis peas and spring onion . Another is corn on the cob cooked on the grill when cooked cut the corn off the cob add spring onion , sliced chilli .

Hi well she is only five, so she will have particular taste and favourite foods. Ask her what she would like to eat at camping, and/or what she likes at home. Use your observasion skills at home to see what she likes at home, and try to match it on small scale on camping trips. There are alot of food for camping so you would find something that's long lasting and easy to cook, especially for her needs. Also there are a lot of sites for cooking on budget, and/or kids. Some big supermarkets would or should have some magazines for free, on how to cook quick and easy meals for young kids. Ask around what kids like, and start doing it at home in the backyard like camping. So if anything gose wrong you can learn from it. Thank you

Don't forget some hotdogs and sticks and a can of pork & beans and cook both in an open fire. Just one of those simple camping things kids like.

Just remembered when I was a kid camping we had a jaffle iron made the best toasties with eggs , beans or spaghetti .

I go camping all the time with Scouts (10-14years) they love Hamburgers, hotdogs and Stews.

I find something that they all can individually cook is better especially over a campfire.

Scouts Tonight were planning to cook pancakes over a stove they made last week out of dry grass and candle wax in a tin can. I love the idea of pizza pockets in the jaffle irons i will try that out. Kids love eating roast meat and veggies. especially if they cooked it.

I have a 7yo girl and a 10 yo boy.  My wife and I had my daughter camping within 2 weeks of being born.  We were in a Trailer but still camping.  Anyways what I have found is kids, my kids anyway would rather be off at the playground, or riding their bikes, or finding bugs or something other than cooking and eating.  So I usually just make things as simple as I can.  Hotdog, lunch meat sandwiches, PBJ, etc.  

We have made the pizza pockets, we call them "fugi pies"  But to make things easier we brown the sausage at home and take in a container, then add the pepperoni, cheese and whatever else you want on them. 

When my son (now 16) was in the cub scouts I was the camp cook for the campouts. I have a file of recipes for camp cooking. Is there anywhere I could post post reicpes?

If you are not packing in I suggest getting a dutch oven. They are so much fun. I got mine for $14 at an Army surplus store. I have a kick-ass peach cobbler for the D.O.

I am attempting to attach on of the more popular recipes. Cross your fingers.


Plenty of great ideas for lunches and dinners here! My personal favorite is the breakfast. I always pack eggs, which I store in the hard case eggs cartons you can buy at almost any outdoor store, pre-diced onions and green peppers, with packets of salt and pepper that I usually just take handfuls of from any fast food place. My small skillet can cook one egg at a time with all the ingredients I bring, 10 minutes of prep and cook time will render awesome omelets! Bring a pack of tortillas with some salsa (I like to make my own) and have some breakfast tacos if you'd like!


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