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the title "is it necessary? comes from a discussion i had with a couple of friends whilst perusing an antique mall. on this trip we saw countless old family photos being sold by people in their areas. it went a bit like this...

(apparently an antique mall will designate an airea for some one to display their stuff and when some one buys something from a persons area that  person gets money and the mall takes a percentage)

any way i made a comment as to how sad it was that people are not valuing their own family history and heritages any more, how its so cheaply for sale. to which both friends reply... "why not, its not like they knew each other anyway"?

i just was thinking of what could have prompted them to reply the same way this concept makes no sense to me at all, what do you all think?

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We've been sold the lie that a white-washed "American" identity is all that we should value. It's ideals left-over from centuries of colonialist values that, in more modern times, we can trace back to our British roots, but which ultimately reach back millennia to the era of Pax Romana. It's arrogant and foolish values ignorantly and unknowingly adopted. Don't be too hard on your friends. Most people I know have that same attitude.

It is only when we dare to be different and step back to look at the broader picture (or have the good fortune to be brought up in a rare household that instills this) that we begin to desire to identify what makes us who we are and can see that so many beyond ourselves contribute to this.

So, give your friends time and lead by example. They may eventually begin to think through it for themselves and catch the desire.
ya i just don't agree with allot of this popular idealistic "individualism" identity... no wonder so many people feel disjointed from family, community, and their histories these days.

also please excuse my spelling above it was something that kept me up a bit late lol

I'm right there with you Eric. I think it is sad too. I understand that there will be a certain percentage of old family photos that will end up sold due to the family line dying out, but I think too many just don't value their past.  I don't think there is anything arrogant or foolish about valuing your family history.

It's sad to sell family photos even from the individualistic American perspective.  Someday someone's going to have a child that looks just like one of those ancestors, but won't have a copy left as a conversation piece. 

I'm more curious about respecting the living than the dead, though.  My son looks a lot like his mother's cousin whom I've never met.  We're divorced and not on good terms and she hasn't seen her cousin in probably 40 years.  Why stop at dissing the dead when you can dis living relatives too?  

My philosophy is to know thyself, including family and history, but not to be limited to or defined by it.  My ex on the other hand, defines relationships and priorities by convenience and doesn't have contact with any of her bridesmaids from when we married 18 years ago.  I tell my sons that it's not a matter of good or bad, they are just different.  


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