Has anyone here done any genealogy research using DNA testing?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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A cousin of mine did research on my dads side of the family through ancestry.com. I was told I was related to Vikings who settled in the Orkney islands in northern Scotland. DNA results said my family actually came from medieval Normandy and settled in NE England.

I understand that DNA test results are rather broad and don't offer much detail.  For example, my origins are Swedish and I would learn that I have a Nordic background, which could include Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.  That is too general for me to be of much interest unless I discovered a surpriser such as being part Jewish or something.  But even if that happened there are no stories or anything to explain such mysteries.  

A Mexican friend, on the other hand, was happy to learn from his DNA that he's 62% Mayan, which was enlightening for him as there are many tribal ethnicities in his culture of origin. 

Actually it said my family on my dads side started out in Scandinavia. Followed by northern France, and then England, and a little bit of Spanish too(through my great grandmother who was full blooded Hispanic


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