What's your favorite manly hymn? A few of mine:

How Firm a Foundation
Come All Ye Sons of God
And a spanish one: Oíd el Toque del Clarín

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I'll add my vote for "Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy". Apart from the good lyrics it has an amazing 4 part arrangement that sounds awesome when you have a priesthood choir singing all parts.
Andrew, that's awesome about "Who's On The Lord's Side?". I always thought it sounded a little silly, but now that I know the history I'll never turn my nose up at it again. Three cheers for the Mormon pirate song!

Which reminds me . . . Have you ever noticed that "Count Your Blessings" being played as prelude music on an organ sounds just like the old Wurlizters they used to have on Merry-Go-Rounds?

The Lord doesn't appreciate giggling in the chapel, I'm sure, but sometimes you just get bolo-punched with something like that and it's hard to restrain yourself.
Like others "Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy" I feel is one of the best hymns for men. Plus Johnny Cash sings a variation titled "Let The Lower Lights Be Burning".

In fact for manly hymns i would suggest:
Johnny Cash - My Mother's Hymn Book
Alex Boye - Be Still, My Soul: Classic Hymns and Folk Songs

In Our Hymn Book:

Praise to the Man

Israel Israel God is Calling

How Firm a Foundation

Not in Our Hymn Book:

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Amazing Grace

I love so many hymns, but I'll list the ones I consider Manly:

29 Praise to the Man

60 Battle Hymn of the Repbulic

68 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

85 How Firm a Foundation

237 Do What is Right

241 Count your Blessings

249 Called to Serve

250 We Are All Enlisted

254 True to the Faith

255 Carry On

259 Hope of Israel

274 The Iron Rod

284 If You Could Hie to Kolob

301 I Am a Child of God

319 Ye Elders of Israel

338 America the Beautiful

339 My County, 'Tis of Thee

340 The Star-Spangled Banner


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