Well brethren, general conference is just three weeks away, and it got me to wondering what you all might do to prepare for General Conference. Be it spiritual, just plain fun, or a mix of both, what kinds of activities/preparations do you do/make?

On a similar note, what do you do during Conference to make it more uplifting or fun? What Conference traditions do you and your family hold?

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In my family, we don't yet have any established traditions, but there are a few guidelines.  Stay awake as best you can, keep quiet during the talks, no other screens like IPads or cell phones, and don't bother or interrupt others trying to listen.  Right now, it's just my wife and I and our nearly-three-year-old girl, with another due by the end of the month.  Who knows where we'll actually be come conference weekend.  We have discussed it, and we have at least agreed we'd like to establish some traditions for conference weekend.  I love cooking, so it would be fun to make something special each spring conference, and something else special every fall when we're at home.  I find I generally don't like watching conference with others, unless I'm certain those I watch it with are as intent on each of the talks as I am.  I miss the days when all the men attended the Priesthood session together in the nearest chapel.  Watching it at home, I think, only makes it harder to connect and bond with the other guys, young and old.  When I was on my mission in the South, it was traditional for the ward or branch to have a dinner or ice cream social between the second session on Saturday and the Priesthood session.  It was a big affair down there on both days, and I miss that a lot. 

Watch at home with the whole family for the 4 general sessions.  Food, especially rice crispy treats, will be involved.  Priesthood session at the church building.

Lots of notes.  LOTS of notes.

And the priesthood quorums usually have some kind of food related get together before the priesthood session.  Ice cream, burgers, potato bar, something.  But the number of people participating in that has gone down a lot over the last few conferences.

BTW, has anyone heard any official statement that PH session is going to be 1.5 hours from now on?  Because I never heard anything, but we keep finishing up earlier than I'm expecting.  :)

I have never heard anything official about it, but those around me have speculated that it's because of Pres. Monson's declining health.  Why they can't have one or two others speak in that time slot is a bit beyond me, but perhaps Pres. Monson just wants to get home earlier?  I have wondered the same thing myself.  I am going to suggest to our eq president that we at least consider doing something as a group before the ph session.  We just had another shooting activity Saturday morning (2 days ago), so maybe that won't work.


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