I find that I am dreading high protein bars (I usually keep them handy to maintain blood sugar between meals and ensure I have a constant supply of nutrients in an effort, I hope, to build more muscle) because they are so sweet.

Are there any inexpensive protein bars (high protein, not just 8g of protein, but more like 20g) which are not like dessert? Is it possible to make a palatable protein bar which is savory instead of sweet?

I know there's beef jerky, which I also utilize, but that isn't as self-contained as bars, and I don't always want to have "smoked ribs breath."

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Trail mix, nuts, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, dried edamame/soy nuts... The list goes on. On the paleo side of the spectrum they do sell bricks/bars of jerky, nuts, and dried berries. I can't attest to those, as I've never tried them. You mentioned beef jerky, just pop in gum If you're worried about bad breath. If it's the "self contained" you're worried about, try other brands and flavors. Some bars aren't as sweet as most. Inexpensive is the other battle... I can't think of any quality bars - sweet or not- that are inexpensive. You'll have to use your imagination.

Thanks, TonyL. I almost always have such on hand, and eat throughout the day. In fact, I purposely keep stores of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in my desk drawer at work. What I am searching for is a high protein thingy, convenient, which is concentrated and around 20 grams of protein. This isn't done via nuts (all the "protein bars which rely on nuts have more like 6 to 8 grams of protein).

What I'm looking for is the concentrated stuff which doesn't use sugar as it's main flavor.


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