I'm 57, 6ft 1.5 inches tall.  I weigh 309 pounds.  My BMI, when I last checked it at my physician's office, last March, was 40.  Ideally, it should be 26.    I certainly don't want to offend, but I want to be able to look down and see my "masculine assets", not flab.  

I am not able to purchase a gym membership.  (I haven't found a job, yet.) But I recently moved into an apartment complex that has a fitness room.  I have access to it, 24/7, and it's free.  There are 6 machines.  Two are treadmills.  The other four I couldn't name if my life depended on it.   One appears to be something that simulates cross-country skiing; another, a stationary bike.  Your legs are stretched out in front of you, not down, as a regular bicycle or stationary bike.  I've done 1 hour at a time, on the treadmill, for 8 of the last 9 days.  On the other day, it was nice enough to where my wife and I could get out and walk.  We did 90 minutes. 

A friend of mine says I should reduce my time on the treadmill to 30 minutes per session.  When I do a full hour, I feel a little light-headed when I'm done.  It's nowhere near bad enough to where the room spins or I feel like I'm going to pass out.  It's a very brief walk to and from my apartment (about  a minute or two); the lightheadedness is gone before I'm halfway home.  I haven't dropped down to 30 minutes because I'm tired of looking like I spend my life in front of the boob toob with 3 or 4 super-size bags of Doritos and Cheez Doodles in my lap.  A few weeks ago, I did 30-minute sessions on two separate days.  It didn't feel like a challenge at all; it felt more like a "token" effort.

I also have a bicycle.  I took the advice of another friend, and got a well-built one at a professional bicycle shop, not a mass merchandiser.  I'm fortunate to live right next to the Santa Fe Trail, in Dallas, TX.  A 1-hour ride is my limit.  I feel exhausted at the end of an hour but not light-headed.  I plan to ride more, when the weather permits  (I don't mind cold weather, but I don't like being outside when it's cold, and I'm hot and sweaty).

I don't expect to qualify for a Mr. America bodybuilding competition, at least not before January of 2015.   (It would be nice to hear someone suggest it, without snickering). But I'm not sure what I should do or how much, on these other machines.  Is it possible to have bad results from incorrect usage of a machine? 

I weighed and measured myself, on December 22.  I started using the treadmill on December 20. Nothing is impossible with God!  I asked Him to "zap" me and make me fit and trim.  Ever heard God laugh?  I took that to be a "No.  Get OFF your blessed ASSurance and ON the treadmill!"  Seriously, though, I want to get into shape, but I don't want to drop dead of a heart attack right in the middle of a workout, either.  I've got grandchildren that are in desperate need of spoilage.

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Larry, good advice from Danger..

More is not always better especially starting out or even continuing a maintenance program.

An eating plan that is sustainable for the rest of your life is another key element. Message me if you like. I have some very sustainable eating plans. I was able to lose over 40 pounds over a period of time back at the end of 2011. I've kept it off not only because of my exercise program but mainly because my eating plan changed. Went from 194 pounds to 152 pounds...height is 5' 8".

You will be able to do this over a period of time. I never thought I could, but when my glucose levels kept spiking at 118 (which isn't high) I knew I couldn't continue this way and stay healthy.

Yes, you are right about your "masculine assets" being visible after healthy weight loss. By the way, my wife likes having less of me at the belly-line but more of me below the belly-line.

Just remember to go slowly with the exercise and change you eating plan. Persevere. It will be well worth it.


I'm a huge fan of HIIT, and for someone not in as good as shape as say a CrossFit fanatic, HIIT can be as simple as don't stop moving until the end of your set.  And when you do stop moving, limit it to just enough time to get your wind back then back at it.  Hit the full circuit and don't stop moving until it's done.

You will scorch fat by doing sets like that.  I'm a huge fan of circuit training, and it's easily transformed into a HIIT program once you get your bearings.

You've got some great suggestions here so I'm not gonna add any more to it, I'm just gonna give you a couple simple fitness facts.

In order to burn fat, you have to build muscle.

Exercise is only 50% of the plan.  Your diet is as important, if not more.

Not saying you aren't doing building muscle right now because you are by riding the bike and doing time on the treadmill, but at some point you are gonna plateau and need to add in more resistance training to balance the cardio.  Building muscle will burn fat all day long, where as cardio will burn fat while you are doing and for about an hour or so after.  Like everyone has said here, getting that first milestone can be the hardest

Good job on taking control of your life.  It's not an easy thing to do and you are doing it, that is a huge step in and of itself.

Thanks, to all of you!  If anyone else has any suggestions, please add them!  One of the mistakes I made, in the past, was trying to do it alone, and without advice.

Ditto on the excess sugars and salts.

Try to cut back on carbs and sugars. Sugars will slow down your metabolism and carbs, if not burned off, will be stored as fat. Fastfood and sodas are also very bad for you. I have found that eating about 5 smaller meals a day instead of 3 huge meals will help burn fat and not store it. This is what other sites have told me and I am implementing these things into my life. Research some on the internet on what you can do and healthy eating tips. Also, Look for workout videos on youtube. FitnessBlender has some good cardio workouts that will boost your metabolism.

In addition to the excellent advice on cutting sugars and salt, watch your portions at meals.

I've found that cutting my heretofore "normal" servings to 1/2 or 2/3 size works for me.  It also has the benefit of cutting your cash outlay, since you wind up with a meal's worth of left overs.

A few other eating tips:

Don't wait until you're very hungry to eat.  You tend to wolf your food and eat more than you intended.

Eat slowly.  

Leave the last couple of fork fulls on the plate.

Skip dessert or order a fruit cup.

Alcohol should be limited to one beverage at lunch or dinner.

Mineral water can replace any mid-afternoon snacks.

THANKS, GUYS!  I'm going to go over each suggestion.  I remember the sand in the inner tube idea, from an earlier post Brett did.  I just ate a can of chicken meat, with Romaine lettuce, with only Mrs. Dash for flavoring.  No dressing; no salt.

I know this is going to take a while.  Thanks again!

I'm doing 1 hour a day on the treadmill; zero incline; speed, 2.6 (a fast pace for me, for now).  Weather permitting, I like to walk 1 hour, outside.

I am with you Larry.   I vowed not to gain the weight back after 2011 when I got down to 160 and up to 170 was ok so I wanted to stay between those two weights.  After tearing my rotator cuff I lost the use of my left arm for over a year due to no insurance and not knowing what I did to my arm for 8 months.   Now at 51 almost 52 I want to start exercising more.  My arm is better now and I can move it.


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