My daughter is 4yo. Right now she is all about Disney princesses and the fact that they always end up with a prince. (Except that new Scottish one) Having had several teenage foster daughters over the years, I fear for the nonsense of the guys (like me) that she will have to face one day. Therefore, I've told my daughter that she will be locked into a tower, but the difference is that she will receive regular haircuts. There will be none of this "Let down your hair" nonsense while I'm not around.

Seriously though, I told my daughter that it is the daddy's responsibility to help her pick a good prince, one that she will love and who will love her back. One that is good enough for her. My wife says my daughter is to pick a man as good as me... thus proving she is not qualified to choose a husband for our daughter. I told them both that I am the representation of the absolute minimum of what my daughter could one day settle for should she feel so charitable and give up hope...

She's taken to the idea, asking me about the kind of man I will choose for her to marry. I realize she will grow out of this, but hopefully there will be some seeds of control remaining when the time comes for her to *gulp* grow up and move out of my house.

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good post.

the idea of my daughter growing up really scares me. 

As well it should.  We were foster parents for the last 7 years or so. It freaks me out the mentatlity these kids have... Just what they think is acceptible behavior from boys and what is expected behavior from girls.

How old is your daughter now?

My Daughter is only 1 year old;however, as i get older i notice my sense of time is speeding up.

I'm a daughter and I really support what your doing. While I was younger I had a real and step father who didn't value me as a person, like me or spend any time with me. When I got the chance I threw myself at a man very carelessly.

My mom's best friend saw what was happening and stepped in to take their place since they obviously weren't doing the job. As soon as I had someone who valued me I valued myself and he helped guide me from then on out. I cared about what he thought about what I was doing especially since I knew he wasn't going anywhere like my real father who I hadn't seen except on the rare occasion since I was 13.

The best advice I can give you is to teach your daughter to value herself and that you value her. She will hold herself to the same standards you do and will equally look for a man who is good enough for her. 


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