Hey fellas, 

I've had my concealed carry permit for a while now and have been carrying a Springfield XD-40 in a Fobus concealed holster with a blackhawk extra mag holster as well. I was just wondering if anyone could give suggestions for their favorite holster/gun combo.  I'm looking to downsize a little as far as the overall size of gun goes and can't decide on a Glock 26 or a Taurus .357mag CIA model. Maybe there are some better options out there, but so far, those are the two that have peaked my interest.  

Either way, I would appreciate suggestions.

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I've been carrying the Glock 26 for a couple of years now and find it an excellent option. In fact, I often carry it on my ankle without a problem. Check out the various holsters available from Galco for the G26.

Being an 'old foggie' I can't pack any striker fired weapon. Its a prejudice I am not likely to overcome. Glocks are just too dangerious in my view to carry chambered. But I shoot very well with them and they are very reliable and good ergonomics all the way around.

If they just made it with an external hammer and double action trigger, but that would raise the cost another $175 or so (which would be fine with me). Everybody seems to have Glock these days, out here I can get a Glock 22,  with Night Sites and one 15 rd magazine, police trade ins for $369

In the over 800 shooting I documented. had all the forensices, caliber, brande name of ammo etc, the .40 SW was just coming out. This meant only about 26 fatal shooting as I recall, too small a smaple space to be truly signiivcant stat wise.

But ee geatin tests I did with wevry mggs ammo alll looked the same and the Temp Strech Cavity was just bit short in amplitude and volume from .357 Magnum in JHP.

The teste showed as did the field cases that you can't seem to beat the .357 Magnum in stopping power. Both the larger .44 Mag and .41 Mag did not do as well in the actuai cases or  in gelatin as the .357 Mag did. Both the 44 and 41 were just overpowerd for the job and wasted their energy and TSC was past all the major organs a TSC from hydrostaic shock at the ideal depth like the ,357 Mag did.often before its Maxima was even reached. In a way they just punched through creating,but a .357 is lot to carry indeed weight,recoil,recovery wise. Too much gun for most CCW sitiations but the best, most proven manstopper we have.But you need a 4 inch bbl or greater.

Here is what the .357 Magnum looked like in 10% gelatin  just about ideal really

The bullet enters from right to left The gren line the maxima of the TSC, the red oval I put in this photo I took is the permiter of the TSC. A maxima at 4 1/2 inches is best and that is what we have here and about an amplitude of 3 1/2 inches is a pretty good HSS distribution, close to the best you can achieve.

That level of hydrostaic shock will explode water laden organs like the kidneys and liver and rupture major arteries close enough to the TSC. Tus more likjley stopping the attacker more quickly as in before he can kill oyu with his own fire before he dies.There is critcal diffrence between "killing power' and stopping power" that must be appreciated from tacical point of view.

So I am OK with carrying a lighter 9X18 Makrov PPK type pistol which is not much hotter than a hot .380 Auto.This i because my chances of an ' instant stop' are still only a hope anyway as with any pistol cartrdige, and I have about a 50/50 chance field stat wise of getting that quick stop even with the 9X18 Makrov cartridge in JHP.


I agree with Peyton.  Although I own several Glocks I don't carry them.  I'm just not comfortable concealed carrying a striker fired pistol with one in the pipe.  Having just the little trigger dingus leaves too much room for error IMHO.  The Glocks are really great guns but mine are reserved for home defense, SHTF scenarios.

My primary CCW is a Ruger .357 magnum 2" revolver with no hammer spur.  It's a little chunky,  pretty heavy for its size and only holds 5 rounds.  The up side is that it's reliable as the sunrise, built like a tank and is easy to shoot for a .357 magnum.  

And then the flip side. Myself for example, LOVES the striker fired pistols, and that is generally what I carry always in one model or another. I like the simplicity, and that lack of an external safety "lever" is good for me...one less thing to snag and add to the girth, knowing full well that my index finger and my brain combined are my safety :-)

This is another one of those things that can be debated 'til the cows come home, so bear in mind that I was merely espousing the other end of that realm.

I've went round and round with Peyton on this, and don't have the strength nor desire to do it again, for neither one of us get anywhere, as it's merely opinions...and they shall not change :-)

It all comes down to personal preference.  There's a video out there of a cop lecturing school kids on gun safety who shoots himself in the foot re-holstering his Glock.  I'm accident prone and don't want to be like that dodo.

If you are comfortable with the striker fired, rock on.  Wer'e all on the same side.

Reminds me of the turd on YouTube who was drawing his 1911 for CQC practice, and shot himself in the leg...cocked and locked IMO is worse...lighter, shorter trigger at that point.


I am not a' cocked and kocked' 1911 fan either. I can draw and thumb back the hammer like single action pisotl anyway. I tend to agree you wipe the safety off without any thought and nobody ever carried their 1911 cocked and locked in combat of course.

The thin g is this whole prolem was solves more than century ago with the double action external hammer auto. The Walters p38 being the one first mass produced as military pistol.

The DA Auto with external hammer has the advantages of recolver, with the firepower of an auto. The safety is the first pull demnands the emchanicl pressure (energy) to darw the hammer back for the fist shot. Then once that shot is fired oyu semi auto like a Glock etc.

Thta long first trigger pull is a great natural safety, but arm chair target shooters actually complain :dam how can I hti anything with that hard trgger pull?' But if it gets to real killling oyu won't feel the trigger pull at alll, how many shots you fired or maybe even hearing the sound of the pistol discharge.

A striker fired pisotl carried chambered is much like revolver being carried with the hammer back. YOu don't see a hammer so people do not think of that way. Then they say "it won't fire unless I pull the trigger' They just don't realize what adrbnalk stress does to fine motr skills like that.

But for SWAT entry team a Glock is good choice, gun in hand already to crash the door and engage if demanded.

Its academic anyway nobody is going to give up their Glock for aa safer design until maybe they shot themsleves or thier buddy shots himself. Glock is klargely and porimarily a marketing company (not firsta fireams manufacturer or deigner) and they are the most succefull marketing company the fireams indiustry has ever seen.

There  are good thngs about a Glock, things I like but the safety issue can't be ignored.

You have to admit though, that the trigger pull on a striker is heavier tha that of a cocked back revolver, which is more akin to a cocked and locked pull on a 1911, which I see a lot nowadays on armchair commandos...hence my disdain for the 1911 platform.

Knowing that Glock is chambered, and there's a 6lb or so pull required makes me feel more easy around folks than a cocked 1911 with a 3lb-ish(maybe less) pull needed.

I seldom ever carry my 1911, it  was 'libearted in 1971 in my govt service ;). The plus of the 1911 is it is a  totally reliable auto. The larger the cartridge the easier it is to feed and eject in a hand gun.

But the .45 ACP is almost a ' pip squeek' cartridge compared to a .357 Magnum JHP and is far behind the .40 SW JHP too.

At 850 fps a .45 ACP just does not have the veloctiy to often create a decent TSC though it will expand. People often think if the ebullet expands it increases 'stopping power' on that basis alone.

Not true, the expansion is a result of the de-accelration that creates the TSC. But just because it expanded does not mean a signficant TSC was formed either.

It is the rate of De-accelration and the resulting distribution of the TSC that counts. You need 1350 or more for semi reliable expansion and to create a good TSD of stopping power consequence.

But velocity around 1100fps will sometimes do it in smaller calibers and even at slightly less sometimes, this is why a small caliber pistol can gain disproportianty more stopping power with the use of JHP.

A simpler way to say it I guess is small calibers benift most from JHP ammo.

I don't carry my 1911 either for that same reason.  For carry I like DAO or a double/single in both wheel guns and pistols.

Your index finger and brain do not work the same under life and death stress though. I dislike saferies too though.

A DA auto has no safety of course and no need for them either

Have you ever been in an auto accident and things seemed to move in slow motion, were you aware your hearing had shut off then too? I choose an auto accident only because its more common than a gunfight.

But whatching your kid start to fall of the jungle Gym can do the same thing phsiologically. Trigger control, sights, tight groups, range stuff in genral etc are totally not relvant to using pistol in a self-defense situation.

But these range things do have some value too.


There you go revolvers are the ultimate in relibility. I trained my wife on a SW 586 .357 Magnum with 4 inch BBL. I load it with hot 38 plus P's for her. She aslo can use the break open shotgun a gun that could not be simpler and can't jam either.


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