Is the American Family Association a hate group because they disagree with homosexuality?

Muslims pretty much all agree with Christians in this issue yet no Muslim group would ever be labeled a hate group only because they disagree with homosexuality. It is hard enough to get our government to label them a hate group when they say certain groups shouldn't have the right to exist and they actually kill thousands of people and seek ways to kill more and more.

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I'm no historian of the civil rights movement, but some hate-crime legislation was motivated by state judges and juries that were unresponsive to violence committed against minorities. Given that they were derelict in their duty to apply the law equally, hate crime legislation allowed prosecution at the federal level.

What you say is true of the original "hate-crime" legislation. It was intended to allow the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed against black people in localities that would have otherwise swept such crimes under the rug.

Fast-forward a few decades, and now such legislation is being used to punish those who disagree with the gay orthodoxy. It is no longer about opening doors to justice. It is now about the Revenge of the Queens. The concept has been twisted.

This is all about dudes with daddy issues.

Wanna reduce gay-bashing?? I'll tell ya exactly how to do it: Teach gay kids to punch anyone who calls them "fag" in the mouth.

It is still used to fight racism, and religious intolerance too. Crimes are still swept under the rug (or minimized). 

Teach gay kids to punch anyone who calls them "fag" in the mouth.

The ultimate anti-bullying program!  

Well, the American Family Association adopts a stance against heterosexual sex outside of marriage, as well.  Does that mean they "hate" fornicators?  They also disagree with atheism.  Does that mean they "hate" people who don't believe in God?  Do people who sleep around or atheists get to go around accusing others of preaching intolerance and bigotry just because they don't agree with them?  How pathetically stupid!

This is supposed to be a free nation, with freedom of expression, freedom of religion, a free press, and checks and balances on the government.  How can you ask young service men to defend OUR freedoms while denying them, there's?  

People are entitled to buy what they will from the market place of ideas.  They're also entitled to sell their intellectual "wares" in the same place.  Today, it's in vogue to try to demand wholesale acceptance of homosexuality---up to and including quote-unquote, homosexual "marriage".  They do this by trying to marginalize well-respected Christian organizations and by smearing people who don't agree with them.  But stop and think---if TODAY they're doing that with homosexuality, then what  is going to stop them TOMORROW from doing the same thing with pederasty/pedophilia, beastiality, or any other perverted or sexually deviant behavior?  The answer is, of course, nothing.  Some slippery slopes really are, well---slippery.

Comparing sex between consenting adults and pedophilia is absolutely disgusting and not at all acceptable. You clearly do not understand what is going on here. You clearly do not understand logical fallacies. You clearly do understand very much at all.

Vytautas, in the first place, you skipped over EVERYTHING I said (did you even bother to read it?) and zeroed in on one thing you didn't like--the fact that I used the word "pedophelia" and "homosexuality" in the same paragraph.  In the second place, no, I am NOT making a comparison between "sex between consenting adults" and pedophelia---while I consider homosexuality an abominable and disgusting crime against nature, victimizing children is worse.  However, at the same time, I'm not going to let you get away with trying to dismiss any correlation between the two (as though the two topics shouldn't be discussed in the same post) because that's just not factual.

While a study by J. M. Siegal, et al., (“the Prevalence of Childhood Sexual Assault,” American Journal of Epidemiology 126 (December, 1986): 1141-1153) found that under 4 percent of boys are molested by men, the rate of childhood molestation by men among homosexual or bisexual men is nearly ten times that (35 percent) according to L.S. Doll, et all, “Self-Reported Childhood and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Among Adult Homosexual and Bisexual Men,’ Child Abuse and Neglect 16, (1992), p. 855-64.  In fact, 75 percent of homosexual men report their first homosexual experience prior to the age of sixteen (as compared to only 22% among heterosexual men), according to D.P. McWhirter and A. M. Mattison, The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prengice-Hall, 1984), pp, 269 and 271.  Even researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a 2008 book documenting the high rates of sexual abuse among homosexual men.   While rates of childhood sexual abuse are usually less than 10% among heterosexual men, they are at least THREE TIMES that among men who have sex with men, according to David W. Purcell, Jocelyn D. Patterson and Pilgrim S. Spikes, Jr., “Childhood Sexual Abuse Experienced by Gay and Bisexual Men: Understanding the Disparities and Interventions to Help Eliminate Them,” in Richard J. Wolitski, Ron Stall, and Ronald O Valdiserri, eds., Unequal Opportunity, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), pp. 80 and 81.  

So no, Vytautas, while I'm not implying that all homosexual men molest children, I am taking note of the fact that the homosexual community is top-heavy in incidence of childhood sexual abuse.  Nor has it escaped my attention that efforts are well underway among gay activists to "normalize" homosexual pederasty (sex between older homosexual men and teenage boys).  While I DO recognize homosexuality as perverted and deviant sexual behavior (as a glance at the anatomical plumbing should tell you--two men do not produce off-spring, after all), the point of my post was not to compare perversions--it was to say that if we allow the homosexual activists to squelch our views and intimidate us into silence over this issue, then it will never stop with just homosexuality--we'll be giving our our rights to speak out about other forms of perversion as well.  

You do need to be cautious not to conflate molesting, with having been molested. 

1. At almost 30 years old, a lot of those numbers seem really old to me. Most crime statistics are updated annually, and childhood sexual abuse gets lots of study.

2. If we accept that homosexuality is something children are born with, those numbers suggest that homosexual children are at especial risk for being abused. They need compassion and care. (I don't know what shape that takes, because I don't know how we can legally and effectually intervene in any demographic of children at special risk.)

3. I took a public health class at a public ivy around 2007. The average ages the profs stated for first sexual experience was 15 for American boys and 16 for girls. The trend then, and I've read in the papers since, is those ages are going up. ("average" being mean or median) I'm sure the ages were higher in 1984, but this is where these old statistics aren't helpful.

Of course, if you believe that the correlation between being a child sexual abuse victim and an adult perpetrator is necessary, then I guess we need to fear adult homosexuals because 35% to 75% will become child abusers. That really would be an awful world, in which being a victim of crime as a child means you must be shunned as an adult.

 If we accept that homosexuality is something children are born with, those numbers suggest that homosexual children are at especial risk for being abused.

That's the point---I DON'T accept that homosexuality is something children are born with.  What I do believe (and believe that reputable studies show) is that various factors often come together to predispose a child to not identifying with his gender and / or to experiencing homoerotic feelings, and one of those pre-disposing factors is that of having been sexually abused as a child.  I cannot fathom the cruelty of telling children who were sexually molested that something they were born with (I.E., something they are innately) led to them being targeted by sexual predators.

That does seem like a rather nasty message:  for a child to believe he got molested because he's different (!).

And speaking of what I know of how adults mistreat children, whether it's criminal or less severe -- an adult doesn't mistreat a child because of the way the child is.  The adult mistreats the child because of the way the adult is.  The child is a placeholder for the adult's wants, and is in that role because it's convenient, not because the child's qualities invite abuse.  

Still, I think children often think it's their fault.

what is pathetically stupid is an organization with positions long since discredited holding out desperately on these positions for the sake of religious ideology. That is everyone's right -- so fine.  What makes American Family Association a hate group is that they have been an activist propaganda device that seeks to spread their misinformation to anyone that might listen. They have become political attempting to shape public policy. It's a sad thing to be honesty mistaken -but to not want to be confused by the facts for the sake of bigotry - is beyond contempt.  American Family Association method is to take their conclusions and work backward to assemble the most convicting myths and misinformation for the purpose of passing it off as objective scientific - psychological findings. Then AFA takes this propaganda and uses it to spread fear and hate in order to raise money -- Send in your dollars now to fight the homo agenda. The more they scare people the more money that comes in.  It becomes essential that their victims believe that equal rights for all taxpayers means that somehow their family will be will be any different the next day.  They have milked this thing for a long time.  It's been a lovely distraction from the heterosexual divorce rate - dysfunctional families - parents killing kids - kid killing parents -  Church sex and money scandals, adultery - not to mention lack of critical thinking - intolerance - dishonesty - and just lack of personal character.  A well respected Christian organization?  Is that all it takes?  You are in my prayers


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