I'm a relatively newly converted Christian, who converted after his own philosophical musings and his own religious experiences. As of right now, I'm non-denominational. I attend a church services, and enjoy them, but I wanted more information regarding denominations.


Firstly, I have an acute distaste for contemporary service. I'm fine with the sermons, but my ears cannot take Christian Rock. There's no real reason, it's always been that way for me. On the other side though, I have little patience with fear-monger theology, of which there is plenty in my small town. I'm tolerant of most any opinion, but I refuse to believe that the first reason I should accept Jesus is to save myself from Hell.


That said, one can see my dilemna. I'm searching for an old-fashion, shine-your-shoes, sing-your-hymns-with-an-organ church, but one that preaches the love of God and of Jesus with a mature, open mind.


Now, I'm certainly not trying to come off as "picky" with my church; I'm happy most anywhere. I'm just curious if there are any more tradition oriented churches alive in America today. Thanks!



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I'm not sure I *do* see the dilemma.  There are a wealth of churches, surely, that don't do rock n' roll in the service and don't preach hellfire and brimstone.  Certainly in my city.

You like "tradition oriented"; what tradition?

I would suggest Primitive Baptist or Reform Presbyterian.

Neither church is happy-clappy. In fact, neither group uses musical instruments during worship.

The emphasis is on the Word and the Bible.

I get it actually.  Try a Catholic Church.

You won't find an Organ in an Orthodox Church, but the Orthodox believe openly that God is a god of love, peace, hope, and charity.  Jesus came not merely to save us from Hell, but primarily to make it so that we may become "partakers of the Divine Nature".  That we might become by grace that which He is by nature (loving, long-suffering, etc, all of the fruits of holiness).  You won't really find instruments, but what you WILL find is the pre-denominational Church of Jesus Christ, founded by Christ himself, the Church that has believed, taught, preserved, defended, and died for the Faith of the Apostles since the day of Pentecost.  Give it a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.



Uhh - I beg to differ.  While the Orthodox (including Roman Catholics) may say that it is all about peace and love, they have had (and still have) a very long list of sins (even different levels of sins) the engagement in which  guarantees eternal damnation.  I have never heard of this list being updated (except for the Fish on Friday deal, which caused many Catholics with whom I spoke  to wonder, the Pope being infallible and all, that is, all those folks in years past who went directly to Purgatory or Hell for eating fish, exactly what happened to them all on the day the other Pope granted them clemency?  Did some angel show up in Purgatory and tell them that there had been a change in "policy" and now they were free?)

Oh, and what about divorced folk and taking communion?  Sticky one, that.  Oh, yes, and "lay" ministers?  And who gets to give you communion when you're in the hospital (when only a Priest can give communion)?  And contraception?  And abortion?  And re-marriage in the church?  To say nothing about celibacy, a doctrine that does not appear in the Bible and which was originally instituted by some Pope in the 1100's because Priests who were lawfully married were leaving Church property to their children.  It had nothing to do with sex, or devotion.  Did it?  You see, Orthodox religions are just too filled with contradictions that belie peace and love.

Orthodox comes from Byzantium, not Rome.  They have no Pope.

Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism have the same roots, having each originated as a result of the Great Schism of the 1140's.  While this Schism was, to some extent, based on doctrinal differences, in actuality it was over the division of power and the undisputed authority of the church of Rome.  Essentially, although there have been many variations over time (and geographically and culturally), the basic doctrines of the various faiths remain the same.  For instance, Roman orthodoxy favors the worship through statues of saints, whereas Greek orthodoxy does so through pictures called "icons".  There really is little difference in the basic belief that long dead humans can intervene in favor of the living, stemming from the erroneous and un-Biblical belief in the immortality of the soul.  (Ezekiel 18:4, et al.)  There are various other basic similarities regarding the trinity, communion, salvation, the necesssity for a clergy-laity distinction, and the existence of Prelates (or patriarchs) rather than in favor of a single Pope.  And so on, and so on.


That wasn't your argument.
You are right. My point was simply that it is not sufficient merely to find a church with which one is "comfortable."  Neither is it sufficient to choose a church because it seems to support "peace, love, hope and charity".  It is, rather, important to look for a church that supports Biblical teachings because the Bible is God's word and the standard for all - not in some philosophical sense, but in "deed and truth".  (1 John)  That is why doctrine is so important.

stated as if a church that "supports Biblical teachings" is one that makes one uncomfortable, and is about discord, hate, despair, and selfishness.


I have been to church with as many different denominations as you can think of and I have yet be in one that does not teach from the Bible.  Whatever your degree of agreement with whatever theological sticking points there may be; one should not have to sit through a rousing rendition of Jehovah-Jireh during the the singing portion if one does not like it.


The OP was simply looking for a more traditional setting to come together in the body of Christ.  We have replied with various denominations which he may try, both Protestant and Catholic (to include the Orthodox).


As to your speaking out of turn with a distinct lack of knowledge on a subject, it's astounding.  You don't usually do that.

Your posts are factually inaccurate regarding Orthodoxy to the point I am not even going to dignify them with a point-by-point correction.  Do more research and get back to me.


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