OK, here's the scoop. My congregation has received a wake-up call from the Holy Spirit, a kick to the butt telling us to get out there and actually make disciples. We're fired up about it, and we've basically decided to re-invent our identity as a congregation. Part of that re-invention is choosing a new name.

For over a (stagnant) decade, we've been "Crossroads Christian Church." Nothing wrong with that name, but we want to choose a name that reflects what people will find here, something that will draw in people who may not normally walk into a church (our target audience, right?). The name I hold up as my ideal is "Real Life Ministries," but that one's already taken by an awesome church in Post Falls, ID, and it's kind of become a brand in and of itself (like "Calvary Chapel" or "Vineyard"). I like "Real Life" because it describes the church's focus: applying Christianity to "real life," meeting people where they are. Their slogan is: "Where Jesus and real life meet."

Anyway, I'm looking for a name in the same vein as "Real Life Ministries." Not just a catchy, cool-sounding name, but one that conveys what we're about: authenticity, openness, unity, caring, etc.

Here are a few of the ideas we're tossing around:

  • The Crossing
  • One Life Ministries
  • Cross Connection Ministries

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: We decided on "The Crossing," after all. Thanks for all your feedback. It helps to get a broader opinion on these things.

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Wow, as a non member to any local "Church" in our area it is always exciting to hear members express true emotions of their church status. You've said it well.
My congregation has received a wake-up call from the Holy Spirit, a kick to the butt telling us to get out there and actually make disciples.

something that will draw in people who may not normally walk into a church

I don’t know much about your hometown, but I guess what would fit any "Church" ministries would be to contribute to you area's immediate needs.

I helped start a Hispanic "Church" through The First Baptist of Conroe TX. We fasted, we prayed and we gathered. We then identified the "few" who visited and identified their immediate needs. We received Pray Requests which included, "Work" (Employment). So we visited local companies to communicate our neighborhoods needs and "church" focus, and spoke in behalf of new applicants prior to the applicants applying. Results were great.

I was also involved in another ministry on the other side of town, with The Vineyard Church of Conroe. We had many middle class families with teenagers in that neighborhood. It was in the inner city so Crime, Alcohol and Drugs were teenage member’s immediate need of concern. We had house parties once a week, not on the "Church" properties but in selected members homes as a pray answer. It was work for the adult host but rewarding. Teens could to listen to Good music, Bar B Que, Stay up Late, talk, hang out. We had many non member teens invited teens members, it didn’t take all teenagers off the streets but is did take those who choose to come off.

So, consider looking around the corner, or across the street as you walk out your "Church" door, you may have great opportunity to contribute to your neighborhood right out your door step and God may be out there and actually make disciples by your “Church” efforts.

As for a name, God will take care of that.

Here's a thought:

Living Proof Community Church

In essence, the congregation is living proof of the love of Christ. While you are not perfect in any way, Christ covers and transforms the lives of those who accept Him.

Interesting one; I'll toss it in the hat.
How about "Living Life Church"?
I like that one; makes you look at it twice, and once you've thought about it, it's pretty deep. I'd probably go with "Living Life Ministries," though.
I like this one.
Why not keep the name but rebrand the mission? BTW how are you going about that?
We're changing the name so that it'll appeal to people who might have been burnt out or turned off by "church" in the past (specifically, the appearance-based hypocrisy that we've all seen at some point).

It's also kind of symbolic (for us) of the fact that this isn't business as usual. Our church has sat at around 30 members for it's entire existence (well over a decade, the last 5 of which I've been around for). We've done a great job of building up and supporting each other, but there hasn't been much of an outreach. Several of us were getting frustrated by that fact, and we decided to change things, making it the church's primary purpose to make disciples.

Due to all those factors, we don't have a huge presence in the community right now; a name change won't really shake anything up outside our walls, but we need the shaking up inside the walls. We also want the name to reflect our mission and our approach, moreso than the generic "Crossroads Christian Church" does.
Crossroads sounds pretty cool to me.
"Crossroads Ministries" or just plain "Crossroads" has been tossed around. We're all leaning toward more of a change, though.
I dunno, I just like the name. What you're describing is a woman cutting her hair and dying it red after a breakup. What are you going to do to expand your ministry?
There are definitely similarities; a name change is a tangible difference signifying that we're starting over fresh.

It's hard to say exactly what the difference is. I guess it's more of a dependence on the Holy Spirit and authenticity. A fire has been lit under the church, and urgency to reach the lost that hasn't been there in the past. That's the biggest difference; we're defining our church's purpose as making disciples. Prior to this, the church has largely served as an incubator for Christians, not really an outreach. And the vehicle for reaching the lost will be through authentic relationships fostered in our small groups.

We're developing an organized, purposeful small group ministry, which will be the core focus of the church; Sunday (and maybe Friday and/or Saturday) services will still take place, but they won't be the primary focus. We're going to teach people how to share their faith in comfortable, non-intrusive ways with their acquaintances.

This is a pretty superficial overview, but I hope it gets the gist of our concept out. The main thing is that we're now working with purpose, as opposed to just existing.


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