The "father" themed photo contest for June '09 is over. There were 42 submissions. The goal was to "capture the moment" and many of you did just that. In fact, there were so many good ones; it became very difficult to narrow it down to just three. So, you're gonna get FOUR to choose from! Remember, the criteria was based mostly on member comments. Here are the three four finalists that have been chosen, in no particular order, please vote for your favorite:




Voting Rules:
1. Only one vote per person.
2. When you vote, please just type your reply as: "I like Photo 1, Photo 2, or Photo 3, Photo 4".
3. Voting will remain open through Saturday, July 11th, and then the Grand Prize Winner will be announced.

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Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 2
I like photo 1.
I like photo 3.
Photo 1
I like photo 4
Photo 2
Yea, I debated, about that too. Now you've gone and put a seed of doubt in my mind... LOL.
I like Photo 1.
Photo 2
I like Photo 1


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