Hopefully you're still hard at work on yesterday's task-memorizing "If." So today's task is simple, straightforward, and quick. Give yourself a testicular exam and check them balls for cancer.


You're welcome to keep your examination of your privates, well, private. But if you'd like to tell us how things checked out down there, feel free.

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This post brings up another issue:

"Most health professionals recommend all men between the ages of 15 and 40 have regular testicular exams performed by a doctor. This is usually done once a year at your yearly physical."

Yeah. My yearly physical. Honestly, I don't know any guy around my age (26) or even older (including me) who has a yearly physical. Why is it so hard to do something so painless? Sure, I know we don't like latex fingers prodding us, but its a small price compared to being healthy in the future for our loved ones. Lets grow a pair and go to the doctor!

PS My 'nads are doing great.
So, a quick check and the boys are just fine.

On the other hand, I haven't had a physical in so long, I don't think the Internet had even been invented yet. I have been intending to start having an annual physical, and this is a good prod on my backside to get things going.

Brett, thank you so much for this challenge. Only 10 days and I can already feel a positive change.
The kids are alright.

Still working on If.
No problem. I'll put it on my calendar to check every month. (Nice little email reminder through google calendar will help.)
Had the yearly physical just recently, everything checked out a-ok. As a young guy it's a habit worth starting early and frequently, it's worth the hassle to have the reassurance that everything is good (no surprises).
I will accomplish this one. As much as every guy touches his own nuts, he shouldn't have a problem doing the exam.
I was so glad that Brett included the self-exam as one of the challenges. Just 6 months ago, my youngest son was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He is only 19. He had not been doing the exam. In his case, he simply noticed one testicle was much larger than the other. I urged him to go to the doctor that SAME day, and he did. He tested positive, and the testicle was surgically removed, the very next day. Unfortunately it was malignant, and it had progressed to his lymph nodes. He then underwent 3 months of chemo-therapy, and it seems to have been effective. The affected lymph glands, have been restored to normal now. And he is beginning to get his life back. His hair is starting to grow again... and he is putting on the pounds as fast as he can! He looks forward to december of 2011 when he can finally stop the monthly follow-up testing, and he can finally get the "all-clear".

They say he was lucky that it didn't spread further, because he was so young, and the disease was caught relatively early. However he could have been spared the horrors of chemo-therapy, and all that goes with it, if he had known to do the self-exam.

I urge all of you young guys to get in the habit of doing the exam. This is a cancer with a high success rate, IF it is detected in time. You actually have some control over this part of your life. Exercise it!

BTW... we are still wearing our LiveStrong wristbands, and we will till he gets the "all-clear". It will have been TWO YEARS!
Completed! This one was definitely not as difficult as "If", but I am still plugging away at that one.
I had a physical a couple of months ago...both checked out fine.

Let's take this task one further and say set-up an annual reminder from here on out. I saw that someone mentioned Google Calendar, which is what I did as well. Let's use our technology!
Done and done!

I should also chime in and admit that I have not had a physical since...oh, going out for high school sports. I know that I need to get it done, I just don't wanna take the time off work to do it.
All right MEN, Get that yearly physical. You'll mostly get validation of your stealth self. I found i have to write down list of all my questions and concerns because once in the doctor's office, I quickly go numb in the brain and forget to ask. Pee in the cup, get blood drawn, ask for STD screen, show your moles, build the relationship with your doctor. And give your self a treat after the exam. Okay, waiting for results can be nerve racking, but trust me it feels so good to have a yearly clean bill of health. After a couple of years you'll be in the habit and you'll start comparing last year results with this years results, and the race will be on to lower your levels, and fix those that a rising.

On the subject of ball checking, be sure to exam yourself after a warm shower when the boys are hanging low. and why not do a little manscaping while your there. You're woman will appreciate it.

Here is a funny British video on ball checking.


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