Male friendships are important. So today, we're reconnecting with an old buddy.

Who's the friend that you reconnected with? You don't have to give names, but what part of your life are they from? Was he an old army buddy? A high school friend? How did you reconnect with them?

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Hmm this is quite a good one for today, I had been considering e-mailing a few old friends to catch up and try to meet up. Thanks for the inspiration, I have sent emails and called a few old friends from highschool and when I was living overseas.
Wow, well I had this teacher in high school who I always got along with but we never really had the chance to get out of the teacher-student relationship until now that I'm in university and he has moved from Nebraska to New York. We started talking on facebook since I'm in Germany but I can see this friendship being a very valuable one for me.

One week down, let's keep up the good work fellas.
Just posted about this - hope you will stop by -

This task for me shouldn't be too difficult as for those who know me, they probably also know that I am pretty good at working to stay in touch with family and friends. Sometimes this even makes J-Mom question me as I will sometimes work on friendships even when the reciprocation is not shown in return and the effort is one-sided. I still feel that it is important for me to keep connected with friends through email, phone, letter and even facebook. I say the last one lightly as Brett mentions that a pack of wild dogs will be unleashed if we try to connect with an old friend via Twitter.

So for me today's task should not be too difficult and actually I am doing this in person today as we set up a few days ago a get together from friends who we have not seen in years. So without even knowing that Brett was going to task us with this, I am living it in real life.
Right On Brett, I'm sure this will be a challenge for most of us.

I am fortunate to have "chosen brothers" Two of them Hank and Hugh i met freshman year in high school. We had a bit of a falling out, and when our three father's passed away within 4 years we reconnected and once a month we go out for steaks, drinks, and long conversations that cut to the chase.

My other Chosen Brother is called Michael- He and I met in College, We both were philosophy minors and bonded over endless nights of existential philosophy. We have fostered the brotherhood throughout our lives, wives, children, careers. Our bond is based on making sense of the meaning in life, and now 25 years into our relationship we marvel of how blessed we are to have our friendship. There is an emotional bond that is very much like the olden days you speak about. In the new Star Trek movie, the quote that caught me was "It will be a friendship that defines you as a person" I agree whole heartedly.

Today i will finish a letter I started last summer to M. Curless. We also met early in life, and have been mainly out of contact. We usually have strong reconnections wondering how time flies, and why we don't have more contact. I have to finish his letter i started last summer. I'm guilty of usually dropping the ball with him. It will be in the mail by tomorrow morning.

Thank you, once again for creating these 30 days. This has been an excellent week. While we may not be talking directly to each other, reading everyone's posts every day has really been a powerful experience. I am already feeling the changes and becoming better gentleman.
I reconnected with several old friends today, both male and female.
One of them was one of my best friends from 1. grade all the way to high school. Then we got a bit out of touch, but he's a great guy and I still consider him a good friend.
Brilliant idea, and just the kick up the arse I needed to do this. I've sent a Facebook private message to my best friend from primary school who I haven't spoken to in a couple of years. For all it's faults Facebook really is good for getting in touch with old friends discretely.

I'm also going to try and friend another old friend who I haven't spoken to in about 7 years on Facebook.
I reconnected with a couple friends from my home state. One, Mike, is a buddy from college. He was one of my groomsmen.
The other, John, is a friend from another college (I went to two). I played drums for his band, and we traveled a lot together.
I e-mailed them. I would love to write letters, but with all that I have to do today, and wanting to get it to them quickly, I chose to send emails.
I find these challenges, well, challenging. With all that I do, I didn't think I had anymore time to do something. But I do. And while I'd like to do these challenges perfectly (I'd love to have plenty of time to think deeply about my values, writing eloquent letters, polishing my resume, and get all of ANYTHING done), I realize that what I need to do is JUST DO IT. This really encourages me in the manly art of getting things done. Not getting it all planned out; not thinking through all the angles; not writing the best letter ever written; not getting things perfect -- just getting off my duff and doing it. Thanks, Brett!
This has been a task that I have been working on recently. A few weekends ago, I was able to spend time with some old friends from high school. One talked me into Facebook. I also have an upcoming 20th high school reunion this year so I have been working on connecting. I spoke to a college (undergrad) late last week. Yet despite this, I need some closer friends here. I do get to this during fall and spring when I bowl. I also spoke to one yesterday while at a local concert. Brett is right, men are generally lonely and have little support.
Thus far I have recontacted 3 of my old friends and have planned to meet 1 or 2 of them tomorrow. Old college flames, somewhat, but should still make great friends. It's funny they're usualy so surprised to hear from you they will do anything. Makes me think - people like you more than you think.
Sent a Facebook message to my sister's ex-boyfriend Charles. This guy was like my hero when I was in high school. He is the one that introduced me to music and concerts. He was my concert buddy for years until he finally went to college in San Francisco. I haven't talked to him in like two years. I hope he replies!
I was lucky that I didn't even have to try to reconnect with my old friend.

Morris Rothman and I are both members of Theta Gamma fraternity (he's one of my little brothers) and we ran into each other at a theme party on Friday. He was kind enough to give my girlfriend, her sister and I a ride home when we were ready to leave the party and we plan on getting together for a drink sometime soon.

Day 7, done!
I myself wrote one of my long lost friends who moved to Harvard for his studies. I went the old fashioned way and wrote him a letter, so here is to hoping he'll get it any time soon.

Thinking back on writing it I felt rather good, especially because using my old fountain pen got me an amazing looking letter. I had to copy it twice to get it spotless though! And hey, at last I found a reason to use the old family signet ring I've been wearing all these years. Signing it with my name in ink and my family crest in wax looked great.


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