Today's task consists of two parts:

Part 1: Cultivate Your Personal Gratitude

It’s time to take stock of all the good things in life that we have to be thankful for. So part 1 is to make a list of 10 things that you’re grateful for. I'd love to read your list.

Part 2: Show Gratitude towards others

Give 3 thank you’s to 3 different people today. These have to be specific thank yous. I’m not talking about the waiter bringing your soup and you saying, “thank you."

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Im grateful for
1. My parents
2. My School
3. My country
4. This site
5. My friends
6. My girlfriend
7. The earth
8. Having good health
9. My life
10. All the good kind people in the world
I'm thankful for:
1 . My wife
2 . My children
3 . My good friends
4 . My health
5 . The freedom we enjoy in America
6 . The security we have here.
7 . The opportunities available here.
8 . The ability to run my own business
9 . The area in which I live
10. My faith
I'm grateful for...

1) ... a kiss hello from work from my fiance
2)...our home
3)...a boss who appreciates my work
5)...unexpected gifts
6) amazing group of friends. Thank you so much for Saturday.
7) fiance's support with this Challenge
8)...alone time driving in my truck
9)...a good steak at an amazing price
10)...this website

The list goes on and on, but at the moment those are my top 10.
Will - My 27 yo daughter has a genetic thing similar to Down Syndrome (different chromosome). She and her friends are the joy of our life! Sounds like you are already enjoying her, but the best is yet to come. Just wait until she gets interested in boys! Ha!
1. Earth
2. Family
3. Steak night with my two best friends
4. Humanity
5. Humor
6. Education
7. My body, sex, intimacy
8. Emotions
9. Creativity All the Arts.
10. Freedom
11. Love
I'm grateful for...

1. Having knowledgeable brothers that I can rely on.
2. All the clients that believe in me and continually give me purpose.
3. The fact that my girlfriend loves me in spite of my messy room.
4. All the cats that never made me sneeze and all the dogs that let me pet them.
5. Being able to travel across the country with a band I can call friends.
6. Great friends, great parties and great memories.
7. Being able to eat my lunch at the beach.
8. Having a roof over my head.
9. The ability to create things I enjoy, and make a living accordingly.
10. My bike, that has saved my life so, so, so many times. I know it's a material thing, but it's truly a way for me to realize my boundaries, meditate and be social with my friends.

Another great challenge. I can't wait to give out some gratitude tomorrow.
0. God
1. Freedom
2. A wife/partner of over 30 years
3. 3 lovely daughters
4. A great church with a Band of Brothers that keep me strong
5. Physical health (thanks, Dad!)
6. A great family (parents, brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, the whole bit)
7. A solid job and the skills to make it work
8. Good schools for my kids
9. My grandmother Ruth (RIP)
10. Laughter
1. Doctors (going through procedures leading up to an op right now, and they've been brilliant. This was one of my 'thank-you's as well.)
2. My friends. (Exams are over and we're having a party. S'gonna be good!)
3. My teachers (For putting up with me long enough to get me through the exams.)
4. My boss (I've been out of action for a month and it looks like it could be a while longer. The man has the patience of Job. Another thank-you here.)
5. My parents. (Just because they are amazing parents. They, also, have Job's own patience.)
6. Extra time (I've realised recently that I have more time on my hands than most people in the world.)
7. Luck (I am so incredibly lucky, something up theremust have plans for me.)
8. Books. (Mostly 'Teach Yourself' style books. I have grown so much thanks to these things, and there are certain things that are too awkward/unknown for you to have access to an expert to teach you.)
9. Simple Things (... that pick you up, and remind you to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. Like fresh coffee, the view from my window and my cats waking me up in the morning to say hello.)
10. TED Talks. (A website filled with fascinating lectures by fascinating people, and all for free. They are doing the world a great service.)
1. My Wife
2. My baby girl
3. Having a job
4. Having a house
5. my car
6. my cat and dog
7. humanitarians
8. our health
9. music
10. weekly cigar
I'm grateful for:

1) My Health
2) My Happiness and sense of Joy.
3) My wealth despite these trying economic times.
4) My family's health, peace, and wellness.
5) My wife's loyalty and dedication to our marriage.
6) My friends.
7) My country -- GOD BLESS THE U.S., OORAH!
8) My mentors who signed up on day 3 and are already helping become a better man!
9) My sex life -- it took a downturn a few years ago but everything is up and running again!
10) The program. I'm already a better man just 5 days into it!

I just made two of my 'thank you' calls and the third person is getting a handwritten note and a bottle of good stuff!
I'm grateful for
1. my drummer.
2. my bass.
3. the ability to sing.
4. the ability to write a song.
5. my friends who tell me my songs don't suck
6. the friends who tell me when they do suck
7. my parents for putting up with me being loud
8. my teachers for putting up with my unorganisation and helping me through anything I have trouble with
9. my friends in the business for getting me gigs and discounts
10. my friends for putting up with me being an obsessed music freak

the three people I thanked
1. My drummer/friends who tell me my songs don't/do suck
2. my friends in general
3. my friends in the business, then I got offered a gig... Gratitude rocks.
So I wrote some e-mails to family members today.

Here's a copy of them. The first part was the same for all three and I stuck the last part from all three together into one section here.


Today's day 5 of a 30 day challenge that was put out by The Art of Manliness, a blog that I read that has articles about being a 'real' man. The task today is to cultivate my gratitude and express it by thinking of a list of 10 things I'm thankful for and also to say 3 separate "Thank You's" to at least 3 people today. So here goes!

10 Things I’m Grateful For:
1. The unconditional love my family shows me.
2. My Health.
3. The companionship of my friends, as well as the advice and guidance they give me when I ask for it.
4. The fun I have at my job and the loyalty that my company shows to me.
5. The smell of earth and ozone during a thunderstorm.
6. The love and energy my parent’s dog has for everyone.
7. The aroma and sensual pleasure of coffee.
8. The freedom my bicycle gives me to go where I please.
9. My girlfriend’s laughter at some of my most terrible jokes.
10. Theta Gamma. I might have regretted joining once or twice, but I got past the issues that raised those regrets and still enjoy being a TG.

Those were the first ten things that came to mind. I am so very grateful for so many things that the list, if I took a few hours to think about it, would be very long indeed.

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you for always being willing to accept that I'm always going to march to a different drummer. I appreciate the advice you've given me whenever I've needed it, whether I've asked for it or not. I also really appreciate that you've been willing to let me have my head and go where I want. Without that freedom and without your support and love, I don't think I'd be half the man I am today.

Thank you for supporting me with your love during the time when I felt as if there was no love left in me. I may not have been grateful then, but with the improvement in my life since that time, I can't help but be grateful.

Thank you for giving me a life where I have never really wanted for anything. Being encouraged to do the things I loved and then being given support and encouragement while giving things a go has been tremendous. When you encouraged me to read more because I liked it, I developed a love of literature that will never die. When you bought me my guitar, I thought "I have the greatest parents EVER!". I still do.

Thank you for being the best parents a boy could ever hope to have.

I love you with all my heart and soul.

Dear Andrea:

Thank you for sitting up with me some nights just to talk when I didn't think Mom & Dad would understand. The chats we had helped shape how I look at the world.

Thank you for sharing some of my taste in music and humour. Having you as a partner in crime has always been fun.

Thank you for bringing Dillon & Gabby into my life. They have made wonderful additions to the Loken clan.

I love you with all my heart & soul.

Dear Mikey,

Thank you for introducing me to some of the roleplaying games I still play today. The times when we were playing Shadowrun with Nic, Chris, Alex and Patrick were more fun with you there.

Thank you for your clarity of faith. Being able to talk about God and my relationship with him with someone who understands what faith really is has helped me clarify my own beliefs.

Thank you for brining Kerry into your life and our family. She is a wonderful and vibrant woman.

I love you with all my heart and soul.


That one made me a bit emotional.

Bring on Day 6!


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