Today's task requires us to define our 5 core values:

Feel free to share what your core values are. If you think they're too personal and don't want to share, that's completely fine. But still let us know whether or not you completed the task.

Look forward to reading your core values!

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Here's five with some of the descriptions.

Industry:  Dedicate myself daily to the personal and professional tasks at hand.

Stand on Principle:  Never sacrifice core principles to gain popularity, favor, etc.

My body is a temple.  How I use my mind, and what I put in my body respects it.

Service:  What I dedicate my life to should lift my community up.  A good person lifts up the lives of those around them by simply being there.


1. FAITH - in GOD

2. INTEGRITY - Christian morals

3. DECISIVENESS - make wise correct decisions, then follow through with them

4. INNOVATOR - a childs imagination in adult form, thinking outside the box 

5. BALANCE - Must be able to balance everything WORK/PLAY, SAVING/LIVING 

Well, here's what I got.

Some of the wording is plagiarised from men/actors/writers who said it better than I ever could.  The message is there though

  1. Family before everything
  2. Be honest, even when it hurts
  3. Never cowardly nor cruel
  4. My word is my bond
  5. Stay healthy, stay strong

I realize I'm a few years late to the party, but better late than never, right? So hear are my core values

1) Be honest... almost to a fault.

2) Think first, act second.

3) Be respectful .

4) Be present in the moment.

5) Exercise the mind as well as the body.

1. Family

2. Integrity

3. Happiness/ Fulfillment

4. Faith

5. Wisdom

Just saw this...

First and foremost, I value my family and friendships
Second, honesty, integrity and living to commitments
Third, health and vitality, for myself and for those around me.
Fourth, mindfulness, balance and happiness
Fifth, making and creating

My top 5






1. I value the connection I share with my Creator.

2. I value the financial abundance I have and the freedom it provides.

3. I value the respect and appreciation I get from others for my actions, as well as, the respect and appreciation I give to others and myself.

4. I value wisdom and truth, searching each day for more and more!

5. I value my health and happiness and the confidence that this combination brings into my life.


2. Independent.

3. Adventurous.



1. God
2. Honor/Morality
3. Freedom/ America
4. Truth
5. Family

2- 4 are all equally important.

1. Happiness

2. Love

3. Health

4. Financial Security

5. Independence

1) Family always comes first

2) God - even if I don't practice my religion per se - always know the difference between right and wrong

3) Education - continuous investment in myself

4) Loyalty - in myself and others

5) Respect - for elderly, teachers, etc


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