So today my wife and I found out that we are having a boy. This is our first child, so we are still experiencing everything for the first time, and it's a wild ride. We're very excited. I thought that since we're having a boy, I'd ask all you fathers of boys what your favorite parts of raising boys are. What do you enjoy most? On the other hand, what do you enjoy least?

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Having fun together; seeing that we like the same things.

Most - Getting to re-experience all the wonders of childhood.  Not boy specific, but having a mini-you adds just a bit to the fun.  Especially Legos.

Least - Cleaning the bathroom.  Hated it when I shared a bathroom with brothers, hate it just as much with my boys.  We are working on getting them to clean it right, but it is still a work in progress.

the early years up to 12 were wonderful and when they reached adulthood but I hate to tell you that adolescence was really difficult but we got through it and we had three in a row like steps of a stairs. We used to wish we had a daughter that it might have been easier but it all turned out fine and they are all married with children of their own now.

We were probably too lenient with them and spoiled them too much. 

Cub Scouts. is great.  I'm not an out going guy but I will for my son so I'm his Den Leader so he gets a great experience and the focus on what I think is cool.  Also it has a solid value set that is a great reference. 

Least, Trying to raise him well when you still get stupid gender specific statements.  Having to check out every cartoon or program to be sure it fits your values.  But these are just the concerns of parenting not parenting boys.

I was the number two parent, he would always go to my lady love for everything.  That was emotionally hard to some degree.  But I suspect every child has their default parent when they are really young. 

Pee everywhere. It's ridiculous. 

Otherwise, I don't know if its boy specific, but just the pure joy at childhood. Running in the woods, catching fish, lego. Lots of Lego. Science in general - everything is an exploration and investigation. 

Pee everywhere.

You got that right. My principal advice to new diaper changers is to #1 spread out an aureola of wipes/towels around the kid before you take the dirty one off. You have no idea what's going to happen. 

Even six years on we also still have aim control issues. And occasionally random "go pee on a tree outside" moments. :/


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