Presuming that you had the opportunity to travel on this venture or another program to colonize Mars and that it was not only dangerous but almost certainly a one way trip with no possibility of return, would you go? 

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I have a wife and four kids depending on me here on this planet so my realistic answer would have to be no.

If I were a single guy I would definitely be interested in something like this.

So would I...the thought of literally building a new world is intoxicating.  I'm not certain I'd be up for the challenge...but WHAT a challenge it would be.  It's the stuff that dreams are made of.


But, one little problem.  Mars ain't no place to raise a kid.  In fact, it's cold as hell.

When I was youngish single I would have been sore tempted.  But I still wouldn't, because I'm in CS, and detaching from the Internet (or having an hour delay on every web page) would hamper my work -- which doesn't need to be done on Mars anyway.  Also, there's another reason Mars ain't no place to produce kids:  cosmic radiation and no protection unless you're underground.

But when I was 20, I might have.  It wouldn't have been good for me, but... all that empty space.  A new world.  Wow.

Mars ain't no place to raise a kid.  In fact, it's cold as hell.

Also, there's another reason Mars ain't no place to produce kids:  cosmic radiation and no protection unless you're underground.


I'm a little surprised no one got the reference.  That was a line from Elton John's song Rocket Man, made famous by none other than William Shatner.  He's a Rock It man!

I did. - Major Tom

I got it -- I just thought it was so obvious I didn't need to say so.  My bad.  I should have said something about thinking it was going to be a long long time before anybody has the chance.

And fight Martians for my toast? No way.

Martian: Gimme your toast.

Me: No! 

Martian: I hate you.

I would in a heartbeat !!!!

You must hate toast.

If the option was there, and the planet was terraformed.... yeah I would probably jump at the chance.

I think even if I were married with kids I would probably still do it, I understand it would make life a lot more difficult in some ways, but I also think it would make it easier in others. Surviving in a harsh environment is easier when you have something motivating you, and the extra hands would make certain things you would need to do (building shelter, chopping wood, etc.) easier to take care of.

I wouldn't want to be in the initial first wave. We still don't know what the long term complications may be, especially regarding the low gravity. Once everything is established and the complications known, I could see myself traveling there. I'm single with no one depending on me, so I'm not adverse to the idea. 

With a family ... there'd have to be a damn good reason.  I can't imagine what that reason would be, though.  Going to Mars ain't exactly the same thing as uprooting a moving to Texas in the 1800s.  Most likely, no.



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