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The thing is we've broken about 5 in the last year. Electric, heavy duty. Cheap. It's getting annoying and we're down to said P38.

... Do you use the electric can opener by banging in the top of the can until it gives?

How else?
It hasn't been made in a generation. My mother has a simple butterfly can with "made in the UK" on it. Has lasted most of my life. I've bought numerous with the same design all made in china and various developing nations and they fall apart after a few months of use.

I'm sure such comments sound racist to some but I find many materials once made in the west (leather shoes, kitchen utensils, carpentry tools) have all suffered in quality as their production has shifted to the developing world.

So maybe shop on EBay for the worlds best or an antique store


Doc Brown's can opener?

We've used the OXO regular (not smooth edge) for a decade without issue. 
This one - no lid catch, no nothing extra. 

I also stumbled across a relevant web article. 


Looks like all the one star reviews are from previous owners who bought new and the. 5star are people who have owned them for years.

p38 or p51 

I carry a P-38 on my key ring. My wife thinks it's ridiculous that I carry it, but it has come in handy on several occasions. I just remind her those occasions are why I carry it. She just shakes her head. The P-38; great for your EDC.


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"I don't understand that question (even if not addressed to me, I want to know)."
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"What do you have to access Asian literature?"
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