Hello all, I'm having a hard time at work with my current manager and was wondering if I could get any advice on what to do. So a few months ago I was given the opportunity to get a full time position at another store for the company I work for that was closer to the college I'm going to. The store I transferred to is in need of help and wasn't as good of a store as my previous one. Without giving out too much information I work for one of the better well known computer repair companies. Anyway, within a few days of working at this new store I noticed there were a lot of issues that needed to be resolved that were hurting the business. I let a week go by and brought such issues up to my manager. She acknowledged these issues and even listened to things that I know if we were to implement would benefit the workplace. However after listening she continues to go about things in a manner that is hurting our workplace. I'm confident that I know what issues are affecting my workplace and what needs to be done in order to fix them however its hard trying to get current leadership to implement changes that would benefit the workplace. Its obvious to me also that the last store I worked at was far more efficient than my last store and that I have just as much and if not more knowledge about the company and how to fix, handle, and go about things than my current manager. As one of the newer guys to the team its hard to get the other workers on board with my ideas on how to better our business and its especially hard to work under a manager who comes to me when they have questions on how to handle certain situations and how to better our workplace and environment. Morale is low and other workers don't seem to care about the business due to management. I now know what issues there are in the workplace and how exactly to fix them, however I'm stuck in a position with a leader who I feel does not know how to lead and doesn't take the position they are in seriously. I've reached out to management multiple times and they all agree that my ideas based off my experience from my last store would better my current one. The problem here is i'm stuck under a leader who doesn't seem to care or have the ability to lead. If anyone at all has some advice it would be much appreciated. 


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So what did she do you didn't approve of, specifically?

To keep it short, she's doing things that are turning away profits and having customers leave instead of trying to maximize profit and create happy customers. 

What specific action did she do that turned away profits, etc., specifically?  

Spaces, my eyes hurt.

So you don't like or get along with your boss.

Try harder.

Best advice I ever got-Do not burn your bridges.My Pippa at the ready,protecting the realm.

Ok, so... I'm a manager myself, and have often had to work with higher ups who were less than stellar. You sound like you have a corporate structure which governs multiple stores and most probably has input as to how the stores are run, or policy and procedures in a general sense. I would suggest you reach out, quietly and directly, to your HR folks, or even a regional manager and gently let them know that you see a lot of struggles in your new store, and for one reason or another, you don't feel that your input is being heard and it frustrates you. Ask them how you could go about gaining traction with some of the changes which would increase the quality of life for the whole team.

Ultimately, however, if the boss isnt willing, and the corporate structure can't or won't empower you in some way... you might just have to suck it up or make a personal change.

It may not be the most appropriate, or wise, thing for you to attempt to change your supervisor. 

As was pointed out by Forge, you may not have all the facts your supervisor is privy to. I've been a supervisor in a very hostile environment in which my supervisor enacted polices I had to follow, which affected the entire work environment negatively. My employees were well aware that it was not me, but my supervisor (the nature of all the negative and punitive policies were of a nature which was much more in line with his view on life than mine, so they knew immediately that I was a pawn).

This was accented by the fact that my supervisor's direct employees were quitting and he had significantly higher turnover than I had: to the point where he was working on a skeleton crew and my employees had to pick up the slack.

Reality is that I was powerless to change things, and I was actually terminated because I was not upholding his decrees strictly.

Thus, my advise to you is to accept the work environment as it is, keep working and doing your best within your parameters to do the best you can do, and keep feelers out for a better place of employment.

If anything unethical is going on, however, I do encourage you to talk with HR and/or someone higher up in the chain of command.

If anything illegal is going on, then I encourage you to reach out to the Better Business Bureau and/or the Office of Civil Rights (whichever is most appropriate).

Remember one thing. Well, two things:

1) You are barely starting out in the world. You want to ensure that all your past employers are happy with you and can provide excellent references. In the US, it is highly illegal for a past employer to give details other than state what start/stop dates you worked and if they would rehire you. If you tick off or irritate your current boss, you will move to the "not rehire" category for future reference checks. So you need to ensure you have a good working relationship, even if you do not agree with the practices.

Depending on your interpersonal skills, you can provide ideas on how to better the work environment (but being new and young, you have less clout to do so).

2) Learn to master "white space / negative space" when writing. If your original post is a true sample of your writing style, it does not have enough white space. People tend to ignore writing that does not have sufficient white space. It's too hard on the eyes to see just one giant block of words.

Paragraphs, man.

You could always communicate with management from your previous store and hope that they will be able to influence the managers from your current store (or their bosses) to implement change.

I now know what issues there are in the workplace and how exactly to fix them

Then fix them. If this isnt a option you have two options left.

1. Accept the situation

2. Leave

I will add emphasis to several things already stated and impart my own accent to them as someone who has worked in various levels of managerial responsibility for much of my life.

Very few managers who are comfortable in their current position appreciate getting tasked by subordinates. It sounds like the way you have approached your "problem" is by tasking your boss. That's a terrible way to approach this problem. It does sound like you have solutions to the problems you have observed, which is half the battle. At the very least you are not approaching your boss with a problem that has no defined solution. A proactive leader would spring on your solutions, but those proactive leaders are rare in middle management. In your position I recommend only offering to implement changes that are within your ability to control, and that mean only more work for you or personnel under your supervision.

Barring offering changes that you can implement on your own with your boss's approval, if you cannot live with the structure of your place of employment as it stands, my strongest recommendation would be to leave, find somewhere to work that is more amenable to your way of thinking. In other words, I would not recommend circumventing your boss and going to HR or higher headquarters to try to fix the problem, as your youth and inexperience mean a lack of clout in those cases.

I also encourage you to look at the issue from another point of view. It sounds like your manager thinks her way of doing business is the best if she is unwilling to fix it. She may be acknowledging your point of view out of politeness and unwillingness to directly tell you that she thinks your ideas are bad, and then ignoring your ideas in implementation because she believes they are not the right approach for the store she manages. Maybe the implementation costs of your ideas are beyond what she can handle, and you just don't see that part. You may be missing part of the picture, and I encourage you to actively seek that missing piece if there is one.

Finally, like many others before me, I encourage you to examine and improve your writing skills. An ability to coherently and succinctly express oneself is important in this world. Your communication skills may be what is hindering your boss from taking you seriously.


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