HI all! I'll cut to the chase...my wife has been having some perplexing health issues for a couple of years now, and after a number of doctor visits and a few late-night trips to the ER, not much in the way of a diagnosis. She did test high in Mercury levels in her bloodstream and has undergone some treatment for that, but there seem to be other things going on that we just can't put our finger on. The upshot of all this is it makes her feel awful almost all the time. She is a stay-at-home mom to two boys 5 and 7, who are about to be out on summer break (good news/bad news scenario if there ever was one), I have a full-time job with a rotating shift schedule in an already short-staffed office. I know she is trying everything she can to get better, but getting nowhere and I feel like our lives are being held hostage right now. I basically want to crawl in a hole until this passes, but since that is no option, I just wanted to see if anyone out there had some insight for me.

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Taxes are like wedding planning for us.  I take charge and mostly have fun with it - but there's certain parts I don't like and certain stages where I get frustrated.  Because it still has to get done, I have my husband do those parts.

This didn't work for us because we hired someone who wasn't good, but it should have worked - Hire someone just the first year after a major change, but do it yourself later years.  The Tax Code really doesn't change that much year-to-year.  Once you have an idea what your return should look like, it's just updating the numbers.

Still, I read about this a lot, and there aren't great options for people making more than $62,500 who have some interest/knowledge of the process.

I am in the same situation; my wife is a stay at home mom with an infant and toddler, she has some serious medical issues, some known and some unidentified. I am full time employee and part time student.

I can't claim to have a solution for you but, I applaud your strength for towing the line for your family and your courage for reaching out for help when you need. As a family you have to remember those two things. Be strong and carry on; reach out for help when your in need. If you know how and when to do each, this situation can't beat you.

Be a hero and leader. As much as to u can just be their hero. It makes them feel safe in times of uncertainty (I remember the feeling of relief I felt when my dad would say wait here I'll handle this). I believe in God and I know faith fixes things; men can do a lot to help their families build that faith. Be their leader don't pretend the storm doesn't exist; acknowledge it and take it upon yourself to lead them through. For your wife and your kids, you are their example for how to deal with this situation.

P.S Don't retreat hold on and stay as emotionally close as you can. You will be surprised at the needs your family will express and how capable you will be at meeting them.

Has she looked into alternative medicinal therapies. Probably wouldn't hurt her and might help.

Alternative medicine is merely placebos! I've learned this from following the skeptic movement for years.

Depends on the issue.  Chicken soup really does soothe the throat.  Acupuncture really did help me with an issue.  Hypnosis really does reduce stress.  Saw palmetto really does slow prostate growth.  

I look online for clinical studies to verify whether a treatment has measurable effect.  

Any update on diagnosis or treatment, or for that matter, mind sharing what the signs/symptoms were if not?. Completing a Biomedical Science degree (which can lead to pathology or research) hopefully soon, so couldn't help but be curious.


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