HI all! I'll cut to the chase...my wife has been having some perplexing health issues for a couple of years now, and after a number of doctor visits and a few late-night trips to the ER, not much in the way of a diagnosis. She did test high in Mercury levels in her bloodstream and has undergone some treatment for that, but there seem to be other things going on that we just can't put our finger on. The upshot of all this is it makes her feel awful almost all the time. She is a stay-at-home mom to two boys 5 and 7, who are about to be out on summer break (good news/bad news scenario if there ever was one), I have a full-time job with a rotating shift schedule in an already short-staffed office. I know she is trying everything she can to get better, but getting nowhere and I feel like our lives are being held hostage right now. I basically want to crawl in a hole until this passes, but since that is no option, I just wanted to see if anyone out there had some insight for me.

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Craig - sounds very similar to the situation we were in (different symptoms, but same effect on the household). Finally found a diagnosis and wife has had surgery, but is still recovering - it's been a long year. 

It can be hard to try and keep up spirits and the kids moving and happy. I don't really have any insight, just empathy. I hope they are able to find a diagnosis and treatment that helps her feel more herself. 

Liam (that is my youngest son's name also!) - empathy is worth quite a bit! Like you, we've had a long year. Surely there has to be an answer for all of this, but who knows how long it will take to find it.

What did she suffer from?

A few years after the birth of our son, she was getting increasingly heavy bleeding monthly - eventually leading to anemia (and with its attending fatigue and other symptoms) and finally hemorrhagic bleeding severe enough to hospitalize twice, and get a transfusion once. 

After nearly two years, they finally determined that she had fibroids in her uterus (one nearly the size of a grapefruit by this point). Once they determined what was causing the bleeding, she had to go on a regime of hormone shots putting her in a temporary menopause (never fun) - then had her uterus removed surgically after 3 months of that - hoping the forced menopause would reduce bloodflow to the fibroids and shrink the largest one some (didn't but it was a good try) and hoping to make surgery easier and give her time to build up more blood, to reduce risk in surgery.

She's doing much better now. :)


Curious to know if the mercury issue was treated by chelation which is the standard treatment for metal poisoning. Many traditional medical doctors don't know much about it. My wife was diagnosed with an overabundance of cadmium and was and continues treatment periodically via chelation therapy. Also, Lyme disease causes symptoms of "feeling awful" all the time. Not trying to diagnose, but offering suggestion. I am interested in what is happening since I've experienced both conditions with my wife and my brother.

Yes, she has undergone chelation for the mercury, but has not been able to go through the full course of treatment because it has left her feeling miserable! We have ruled out Lyme disease through testing. Some possibilities thrown out have been Epstein-Barre virus and Shehans Disease, both of which I am not too familiar with. Interestingly, she has a 1st cousin who is about the same age, and he has experienced many of the same things (he hasn't undergone heavy metal testing) and I do know there are auto-immune issues in her family (an aunt with Lupus and another with R.A. I think). How has the chelation affected your wife? I hope it is helping her.

Perchance something of genetics could exist as the agent of said ailment.

Craig, I'll get back with you later. Finishing up a school lesson with one of the grandsons. (homeschooling)

Would the mother which the wife of your possession likewise possess exist as able of proffering succour about such a situation? Such may allow for the wife of your possession convalescence additional.

Craig, we are in the same boat with my wife. You can shoot me an email if you want to talk about it.

I'm also the sole breadwinner to a spouse with chronic health problems.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  When my husband hurt his back and my team was short-staffed, I asked my parents to do my laundry for the first time in about 20 years.  We have groceries delivered (just slightly more expensive).

We have hired out house cleaning on a couple of occasions which helped tremendously. I still can't convince her that it's okay to hire someone to do our taxes though.


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