Hello Gents,

By way of introduction, let first say, that I am a Christian. While I realize this is not a Christian site, per se, I have noticed there are Christian discussion groups, and that is where I will probably spend a little of my time here. I will also try to glean what I can from the many articles and books on the main site.

I try with all my heart to follow the Word of God, the Bible, and live my life accordingly. Like all Christians, I will admit I do not always succeed, and that is where I rely on the Grace of God. I strive for perfection, in that I strive to be more like Christ in everything I do and say. I hope that doesn't offend.

Everyday (mostly by the media) I am told that education standards are falling, the economy is in shambles, crime is rising, my food is dangerous, predators are on the prowl in neighborhoods, my body is under assault from saturated fats, and I can’t trust my bankers, accountants, or politicians. There are religious fanatics on the loose and weapons of mass destruction waiting to get me. Gas prices are rising, work seems hard to get, and on top of it all, the poisoned environment is gearing up to offer a big time payback.

A lot of people drown their worries via the bottle, drugs, entertainment (that seems to be the most prevalent form) or some other mind-numbing false reality. Those things are only temporary. There was a time in my life when we simply let life take over, circumstances dominate, and pressures define us. But oh, what a hope we've found in Jesus!

Most people who know me, know I never worry. At least that's what they say to me. Why don't I worry? It is because I have found the answer to everything in the Bible, the Word of God. And, I have a relationship with the Lord through the reading of that Bible, and through prayer. Prayer is vital. An old hymn asks, "why worry when you can pray? trust Jesus to show the way. Don't be a doubting Thomas. Rest fully on His promise. Why worry, worry, worry, worry, when you can pray?!

I believe that.

I am married with 3 children. One son headed to college, one son in high school, and a daughter in elementary school. We have a good life and love each other. I am looking forward to reading the many articles on this site and learning what I can from you Gentlemen.

God bless you all!


Matthew 6:33

Philippians 4:6

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Welcome to the site! I'm actually really glad you posted this. I'm 20 years old, and through this site, and just in general, I've found that having a strong relationship with God can lead to a lot of success and non-worriment (if that is even a word.) I was born Catholic, however, now that I'm at college and more or less on my own, I seem to be wondering what religion I myself am. I try to attend Church on a regular basis, however, I just don't feel that strong of a connection. So, let me ask you...

What are some tips to strengthen one's relationship with Him? I'm not talking about being one of those "Christ is coming soon!" people, (not that I'm insisting that only those who have a strong relationship are), but I guess I would like to be somewhere along the lines of where you are in terms of your relationship. Any pointers?

Hi Doug, 

Thanks for the comments. You are at a time in your life when you can do a lot for the Kingdom of God. If more young men would surrender their lives to Christ and seek to fulfill His will for their lives, much could be accomplished. I understand where you are in your particular journey...it's a good thing to search, just be careful in your searching - you want to find Christ, not some modern-day alternative.

I have only 2 simple tips, but they work. Read your Bible and pray every day so they become habitual. At your age, it's important to make yourself do those 2 things everyday, and I promise you will grow in the Lord. If you are sincere, and serious with God, He will lead you and reveal more of Himself to you as you yield to Him and His perfect will for your life. 

Thanks Will! It helps that my roommate is a pretty religious Catholic as well. I'll give it a try!

Hi Doug!

I would like to add to what Will replies. My son is attending college and he was at one time experiencing the same issues as you are. What I told him - and would advise you - is that you are at a time in your growth as a man that you are NOT wrong to ask why? Or what do I REALLY believe? My key point is: Grow! Begin to move beyond what you were 'taught' as a boy, and into 'what you believe' as a young man. There is a process for that.

In other blogs and forums on AoM, you will find a post with suggestions for strengthening your manhood that says: "Know what you believe; and know why you believe it. And then - put on the courage to politely express those beliefs; keeping your mind open just enough to consider another man's insight."

Key to your growth is the "personal" relationship with God. Like Will said, that comes from reading to study scripture for yourself, and not just listening to preaching. Make it 'Personal'. Good luck!


While the overall site is not Christian, per se, there are a number of Groups, One specifically Christian (Christian Men), and another general politico/religious (The Great Debate) that you need to check out.  Lots of cross Group membership, and great places to express specifically focused thoughts.

Welcome to AoM and thanks for sharing your practical walk with God. It is special indeed when such thoughts can be openly expressed in the public square. 

my relatisonship with god seems to be tight i talk to him when i need his help or am thankful and try to say a small payer before i sleep. iv read the bible a few times and use to go to church. What makes me diffrent then some christans is my relaxed look how my faith effects the lets say poltical and sicense stuff. I dont really worry about all the little rules under the old test and focus my faith on chirsts teachings. My questoin is do you think the relatsonship with the lord is a flexable one.

It depends on what you mean by that.  God is not satisfied to be one friend among many, one goal among many, or even one master among many.  He demands to be the leading presence in your life... and your sole Lord and Master.

That said, we're not all the same and so, our relationships with God will not all be the same.  And, God decided to give us the way to Salvation, but not to give us the answers to every earthly problem.  Where God established absolute rules, we must follow them, but not every religious practice is an absolute rule.  While God's law gives us principles that are relevant to politics, God didn't give us a clear model for a political system, for economic policy, etc.  Christians can legitimately disagree about political issues even when they agree on the moral principles that underlie those beliefs.  And, while there are certain scientific propositions that are not compatible with Christianity, Christians are, for the most part, free to pursue scientific ideas as science leads them.

I imagine that there are certain more specific issues that you're wondering about.  Could you be more specific about those?  You could probably then get clearer answers.

ok im acctualy open to tho not absoutly sure the idea that god allows and or uses evoluison to keep the world stable. I dont really belive good cares about the thing that dont hurt anyone like being gay or being with some one before marrige i think gods focus is on us being kind and good people.

Hello Will,

I'm new to AoM as well. I was surfing through the forums when I found your post. Very interesting! One of the real eye-openers for me was a recent statement by writer Steve Farrar - who pointed out that (overall) the media has learned that "fear sells." What he meant was, local news learned that if they promised details on an armed robbery or a horrible accident on the news at 6 or 10, more people were apt to tune in. And that... is the name of the name!

As for 'letting life take over'... I really, really enjoyed the Manvotional entitled 'Majesty of Calmness' on this site, where he states: "The Fatalist is not calm. He is the coward slave of his environment, hopelessly surrendering to his present condition, recklessly indifferent to his future." Of course, we know that we are only here for a (relative) short time; and we are designed to tackle life day by day.

Like you said, I find peace in scripture because I can look out and see a much bigger picture beyond my meager sight and a promise of life. I realize that "It's NOT all about me." Blessings!

Welcome. My first words to you will be the following:

Why worry when you can pray?
Why pray when you can act?

Everyday (mostly by the media) I am told that education standards are falling, the economy is in shambles, crime is rising, my food is dangerous, predators are on the prowl in neighborhoods, my body is under assault from saturated fats, and I can’t trust my bankers, accountants, or politicians. There are religious fanatics on the loose and weapons of mass destruction waiting to get me. Gas prices are rising, work seems hard to get, and on top of it all, the poisoned environment is gearing up to offer a big time payback.

Great post! The above portion really stood out to me because I have a tendency to worry about external things I can't control. As a news junkie, I get caught up in the cycle of devastating headlines and stories while often neglecting to put my trust in God. Thanks for the reminder to put things in perspective.


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