I know and understand I'll be told I asked the most stupidest question on here. But I'm curious to know. Did someone recommend it to you? Did you stumble on the site by accident? I joined because, I wanted to learn how to be a man of honor and virtue with some manly skills. Good luck learning that in todays society and pop culture. Well maybe the manly skills part. We all have different reasons for joining, I just thought it would be cool and interesting to know some of your stories.

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Well, I found this website after googling lists of books to read. I noticed there was a cool community in here to discuss well...things that we men care about. I guess I just wanted to expand my knowledge on diverse topics and get to chat with other people with similar interests. Welcome to AoM, Andrew...

Not a stupid question at all. Truth be told, my reason is kind of goofy though. I was looking for a good mustache style for last november (went with a snidely whiplash look, but i ditched it after i got a cold in february. Runny nose+ curly mustache= ewww). After reading the article on mustache style, my ADD took me on to the original article on wet shaving, which was a godsend (Always hated shaving, due to razorburn. Thanks for opening my eyes, Brett!). After that, i just kept reading, branching from articles on skills to articles on history, then eventually morality. I finally joined the community after i read a few of the articles in The Great Debate, and wanted to join in the merry fray. since then, i've found quite a few things which have helped me to improve myself as a man, and as a person in general, as well as finding a supporting (if not always like-minded) community of men with helpful perspectives on life.

Came across the site when i was looking at the art of love letter writing and now its one of the first sites i come to before i do anything. It has helped me loads and i even did the 30 days to a better man challenge and really enjoyed it. Everything on the site is interesting get my daily email up dates and read each and everyone.

When is the next 30 day challenge going to happen?

I was considering a change in hairstyles, to a flattop, and wanted to know about flattops and the message they send out to others.  


Didn't want it to impact my business, since first impressions are so important.


Found the community, liked it, and stayed.

I was shopping for a new suit and shoes.  Now I look fantastic.

It's been so long.  I don't know how I found the site, but I stayed to talk manly things.

I found it not long after Brett and Kate started it. I was looking for exactly what it is- a place to gather with like-minded people to talk about what it means to be a man.


I don't think its a dumb question at all. I was directed by a friend to the site just over two years ago because as he said "those articles are all about how you are." I enjoy the articles immensely and find many of them are very useful in an age where politeness, self-reliance, etc have almost vanished out the window. I signed on to the forum because I figured we are all like-minded.

I joined because I hit a point in my life where my life kind fell apart and I'd often seen the site as a place of great advice so I figured "well great advice is probably born of a great community". It hasn't disappointed 

I was in a liberal arts college, contemptuous of all the political correctness & hippie stuff. I had one professor, English, who told me about this website--we talked history, politics, music sometimes & we both thought that not all Americans can be as daisy as the liberal arts crowd. I don't really like all the feel-good, better-yourself advice, but then I don't like any self-help stuff, but the political conversations are good.

Anyway, after a liberal education, I like the talk around here. It's like being an honorary American--it's like an America where they don't destroy careers & lives because of political correctness, but if worst comes to worst, the worst is just this, people impotently mob up on you--it's like freedom, in short.

I was looking for articles on shaving and came across the AoM. I haven't stopped using disposable razors yet (just haven't got around to getting a straight or safety razor) but I have stopped shaving against the grain which has removed all my problems shaving. Such a simple change!

The AoM has also led me to keeping a journal, defining my core values and writing out a brief life plan for the coming years. The material put up on the blog is great and I'm really glad I stumbled across it. As for the forum I'm new to that and enjoying it so far!

I discovered AoM through Jack Donovan. Mr. Donovan wrote a book titled Androphilia in which he analyzes the intersection of sexual orientation and gender. He suggested to his readers that we check AoM out. So I arrived.

When I got here, I discovered a great deal of interesting and worthy discussion on numerous topics. Here at AoM, being a man has nothing to do with either race or sexual orientation. I found common ground with other guys outside those elements. So I explored.

I have had the pleasure of some great conversations with men here about life in general, some very specific topics, and have even met some members face to face. Its all good. So I stay.


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"Good brother you are Joe, and from where I'm standing - keep it up. Problem is not just now, if this persists then imagine his life 20yrs from now. It's definitely not too late for him to still have a full go at life, relationships etc.,…"
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