I am always the good guy, I try to be nice to everyone genuinely just in general to everyone (not just in attempts at getting laid). I'll admit that I am not the best looking guy right now at 19, and I've never even had a real relationship but I'm working on it. But literally every time I have attempted talking to a girl over the past year I have just got screwed over in the end and it sucks. I just don't understand what I am doing wrong, it seems as if they just want my attention when nobody else will give it to them. 

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You do that by plainly showing your Interest in who she is and what she wants.  Don't talk about yourself and what you want.  If you give her what she wants, chances are you'll get what you want.

I agree.

What do you mean by "screwed over"?  It'd be easier to figure out what the problem is if you weren't quite that nonspecific.


Every time I talk to a girl, they seem interested (texting a lot, exchanges on social networking websites, smiley faces). And then sooner or later they just stop talking to me...more times sooner. I don't know if they're genuinely interested in me or are just using me to have someone to talk to.

Like last year example, I talked to this girl that lived a town over, she would literally text me all day (this got annoying, but nonetheless) and I was interested in her and would try and get her to hang out with me and she would be real flaky saying she was busy and stuff and we never did hang out. Eventually she just stopped talking to me and it sucked. 

And then sooner or later they just stop talking to me...

THAT is what you meant by "so terrible"?!


It's fairly common to get "taken for a ride". Someone pretends to like you to get free meals, tickets to shows, favors, money, anything else she can milk you for...

Plays you as long as it is convenient...

Then dumps you...often in a tirade of personal attacks on your character so that she can make it out to be all your fault...THEN when you try to figure out what went wrong...the whole sordid history comes out...all the things she did and said about you behind your back while taking you for a ride...

If you are traumatized by a girl getting cold feet--or perhaps more likely was never interested in the first place--but she mercifully ended it sooner rather than later after playing you--then read my advice again and take it to heart.You're not ready for a serious relationship, Bud. Work on friendships first, an make yourself more charismatic. You can enjoy this process.

My advice is to look through the archives here in the Relationships section. Find all the threads where there have been guys asking for advice on how to get a date. Read through all that advice. Namely the parts where time and time again we talk about stopping "hanging out" and then confidently telling the girl that you are going out and that it is in her best interest to join you.


It really reads like you are meeting girls, you are getting numbers, but as Andrew stated, you aren't closing the deal. If she texts you, gives you a number, any of that stuff that you are already getting, she is interested. Stop texting so much and start going out more.


Don't say "lets hang out", say "I'm going here, going to be one hell of a time, would be a shame if you weren't there with me", or something similar.


They stop talking because the next guy will/is close to the point that they have that date. As soon as you see interest, get together with them. You can still text(sparingly), but that is only as a supplement to real face to face interaction.

I like this.  Especially:  browse the site for other agony-uncle threads.

Andrew D is right that you are focused on your own perspective and not on hers.

Some girls can be nasty...yes. But so can some boys. You don't notice because you're not trying to court one. If you've had nothing but bad experiences, you're probably doing something to attract the wrong type, or not noticing a red flag.

I suggest you STOP looking for a girlfriend until you get more experience just socializing and making friends. That will give you the time and space the learn the ropes of relationships, incuding what to look for, and warning signs of problems. That will take the pressure off you.

JUST socialize. You can and should make friends (that means people who like you, but not lovers or "wannabes"), but make no attempt to pursue any serious relationships, until you're confident that you are ready. Give yourself as much time as you need; don't feel or act desperate for someone to love you or to rush the process of being ready for it. If you NEED someone to love you, that means you feel empty inside, in which case women avoid you because you have nothing to give ("nice" won't cut it), unless maybe they have their own problems.

I am always the good guy, I try to be nice to everyone

The "nice guy" act projects LOW STATUS. You didn't say what the problem is but if you got treated like the proverbial doormat I can guess why.

Be polite, be considerate, be empathetic, but DON'T go out of your way to ingratiate yourself, and don't be needy for approval. Do you understand the difference?

Now this is important: be happy WITHOUT regard to what other people say to you or how they treat you. This is extremely important. People will tend to treat you better, if you are full of joy...because that means that you have value. Think of it like this: if you need someone else to be happy, then there's something missing inside of you, and you are "needy". If you are already happy, then you project that happiness and other people are drawn to you because they want to share it with you.

Learn how to project joy, and then do that. And share it with others. Be the guy that lights up everybody's face when he walks in the room, because everybody knows they're going to have a good time with you around.

Watch every episode of this:


Great success to you in matters of love.

What I mean't by nice guy is exactly what you said, I by no means go out of my way to please people but if someone reaches out to me for help then I feel obligated to offer some insight.

But thanks for your reply, and the link. I will check this out tomorrow. 

I found my wife at church.

Let me know what you think.

I'm going to go ahead and give you the simple answer. You're 19 and probably looking at girls were in the same age. Also, youre also probably looking for a relationship based on more than dinner and sex...

Todays society is one where the girls in that range are the grand daughters of the "empowered women" generation... They are neither looking for that relationship, nor could they probably handle it if they found it. Relax a bit, enjoy casual, and sooner or later (probably later) serious will fall on you before you realize it happened. Or look at older women.... their experience makes them more fun anyway.

Ever heard the song Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte? The refrain is "Girls don't like boys- girls like cars and money" That's what I thought of as soon as I read your post.

Plainly put - there are a good deal more self-absorbed people than there are other-focused people. You hear women groaning about stupid, shallow men plenty often, but since you're a straight male, you are seeing the bad side of the opposite gender.

Don't get too down, there are good women out there, but if you are looking to find a keeper of your own age, you might have a tough road in front of you. I would imagine (from what I see at least) that there are not a whole lot of 19 year old gals who are mature enough for a serious long-term type of deal. The theme of that age group is drama and games; you may be looking for a lady a couple years older than that.


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