What should every man carry on a daily basis? (A Manly E.D.C.)

Hey everybody, I am new to the site and I was sitting thinking about what a man should carry on a day to day basis. Here are some essential things I carry every day and I wanted to know what you all carry as well. Thanks, Justin.

Things Every Man Should CARRY!

1. Watch 
I prefer a nice leather watch. Don't be cheap, but don't over due it either. In other words, you get what you pay for here. I've always like the stylish old fashioned brown or burgundy band watches, with gold plated overlay and roman numeral numbers. That's just me. If you want my opinion, get a different watch to fit every occasion. That way, you can't go wrong. Remember, a classic never goes out of style.

2. Wallet or Money Clip
Ideally, own one of both. That way, you never run-down either one. Plus, you have the benefit to be ready for any personal occasion. Again, a classic brown leather wallet and a money clip of your choosing should do the trick. Warning: Careful about the magnetic money clips, because I've heard they can de-activate the black strip on the back of the credit card. (I am not sure if this rumor is true, but you never know.) Of course, you shouldn't be carrying too many credit cards anyway, right?

3. Handgun
Why leave home without some personal protection? It's your life, protect it. 

4. Handkerchief
This handy little number goes a long way, than just blowing your nose. Wiping your hands, giving to a lady, or simply picking up something you don't want to touch. The list goes on and on...so just buy one.

5. Pocket knife/ Multi-tool
YES, it become extremely handy. Opening boxes, (don't use your teeth you barbarian animal, your dentist would appreciate it.), cutting an apple, unscrewing anything...you get the point.

6. Mints
Nobody wants to smell bad booty.

7. Pen/ small note pad
Again, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. But a nice fountain pen, does add a layer of sophistication.

This is often overlooked, but yes, always carry cash. Plastic makes you look broke, check books are too damn bulky. Not to mention, some place you simply can't use credit or debit. Wanna buy your kids one soda at the gas station, find a good deal at a yard sale, plan on tipping that stripper, or try getting a just a basic haircut. Man-up folks and always carry cash.

$200-300 is the magic number.

In the money clip:

1-2       $100  Benjamin Franklin (outside)  - Looks stylish and will get you out of any type of emergency.
2          $  20
3          $  10
4          $    5
10        $    1

You'll be ready for what every life throws your way.

a.  ID Cards: Drivers License, Concealed pistol license, maybe Student ID.
b. One Debit Card, Two Credit Cards with a ZERO balance for unexpected emergencies.
c.  Heath insurance and Library card.

That's it. Keep it simple.

10. Key Chain Essentials:

Car, House, Safe Keys
Flashlight (on a key chain)
Multi-tool (on key chain)
USB Flash Drive (on key chain)
Store Discount cards (on key chain)
Nail clippers (on key chain)

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That's a pretty decent list.  As others have said, be sure to check out the Everyday Carry group.  We can always use some fresh blood over there.

As far as the fundamental list goes, here's mine:

1. Wallet - cash, ID, etc.

2. Knife (or multi-tool w/knife)

3. Phone - our phones can do a million things

4. Gum/Mints

5. Comb - I'm bearded, so a comb is helpful to keep things from being unruly

6. Handkerchief

7. Firearm - I don't have a concealed carry permit but I probably would if I didn't live in California, where it's extremely difficult (and expensive) to get your CC permit.  I'm of the mind that if you choose to carry a gun, you should train regularly with it and be able to use it effectively if/when the time came.  If you carry a gun but don't train with it regularly, it may end up causing more trouble - just my two cents.


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